Destruction in the Cloud: Crackdown 3’s Blessing or Blemish

Ever since the first tech demos of the newest Crackdown game, loads of people in the gaming community have been left in awe of the exceptional destruction mechanics. As impressive as it has been, it has also caused a little bit of concern among gamers. If this game is truly going to be the swan song of Microsoft’s big push for cloud computing, how well is the cloud going to handle being pushed? The spectrum of reactions ranges from the servers holding steady to the servers melting in their mounts, and each of these sides have their own equally valid merits.

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Niv1759d ago

Im having doubts about the cloud for graphics. A more powerful xbox will help

HK61759d ago

Crackdown 3 is going to be using cloud-computing for physics, not graphics.

PistolsAtDawn1759d ago

Good, cause that's not what it's doing

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ninsigma1759d ago

Considering it's using azure servers I doubt connection problems will occur too often. I wouldn't call it "exceptional destruction". Going by the last video, it was all breaking in large chunks and then disappearing. I can't see it being any sort of a "Swan song" but I can see it being a great MP mode that's doing something different. I'm all for doing things differently.

HK61759d ago

Unless they've optimized it more since the last tech demos, it wouldn't take a huge amount of people to bring data centers in certain areas to their knees. Not everything is "large chunks", and none of it disappears. The devs even mentioned that all of the pieces of rubble persist so long as the multiplayer game is still running.

Lennoxb631759d ago (Edited 1759d ago )

I don't think that MS would have a beta for the game if they weren't mostly sure about the tech behind it. Of course there's going to be a problems, but that's the purpose of a beta.

I also don't believe that a lot of the skeptics are simply skeptical of the technology. But just hoping it doesn't work all that well because it came from MS. A lot of them have come to articles much like this one to bash the tech and don't know the first thing about it.

While the real skeptics do provide some valid points, I think they forget that MS isn't some run of the mill software company with a low budget.

rainslacker1759d ago

I think people are skeptical because they equate this as being the graphics improvements the cloud would bring which MS mentioned early in the generation, and not just a way to calculate physics remotely. What is being done isn't much different than how many MMO's work, although what MMO's do have a different effect on the client side of things, and for the most part, CD3 seems to be doing more than what MMO's will do in a given time frame.

This level of cloud compute is easier for me to see being a thing this gen compared to the original secret sauce, which just wasn't practical for implementation, nor anywhere ready for prime time.

I'm personally more curious to see how such big environments being destroyed will improve game play, or make an engaging experience beyond the fact that we now have big destructible environments. Hopefully will see more of that at E3, because the destructible environments selling point only goes so far to impress me when it comes to game design.

Lennoxb631759d ago

Well who knows what type of improvements the cloud could bring. When infrastructures get better, graphics could possibly be the next step. I've learned to not count MS out on anything because they've already done things that people said was "too hard" to do many times.

I think cloud computing will be for a lot more than destruction. They're already prototyping cloud powered VR, cloud patching, and for bigger, more consistent worlds.

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rainslacker1758d ago


Sure it excites me. That's why I'm curious what it will bring to the game more than the fact of IF it can be done.

As far as the best game ever in the sandbox genre, that remains to be seen, and no, I'm not a huge fan of open world or sandbox, but can occasionally get into them if they're structured well.

cyberwaffles1759d ago

crackdown 3 is a very mediocre looking game. the sandbox gameplay will probably get boring after the first hour like most sand box games tend to do.