‘Uncharted: Fortune Hunter’ Available for Free on iOS and Android

Hardcore Gamer: With the hype of Uncharted 4 growing and growing, Playstation has decided to release a mobile Uncharted game to quench fans’s thirst.

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motherboop1525d ago

No Vita version? What a missed opportunity.

joeorc1525d ago

@motherboop55m ago
[No Vita version? What a missed opportunity]
While I can see the argument for a PSVita released version of the game I doubt it would sell much micro transactions..pretty much micro transactions are the old revenue design of the stand up arcade machines monetary shift that they did in arcades.

It seems to work well in smartphone market. But not so well in the dedicated game handheld market.

Ironically Micro transactions do in fact work in the living room console go figure.

motherboop1525d ago

I'm not ashamed to say I dropped $15 on Run Sackboy Run lol. I agree tho, probably not a lot of money in free-to-play on Vita, it's just ashame they skipped Sony's own handheld for mobile.