Regeneration: Telling History in Video Games

COG writes - Battlefield 1 is using WWI as its latest backdrop, but telling history in video games can often take on a much more serious tone. Widely thought to be one of the most boring subjects in classrooms worldwide, history can find new life in video games.

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DynoMiteLaserCat2998d ago

Valiant Hearts was one of my fave games of the year when it released. A perfect example of being able to impart history all while keeping the player highly entertained.

COGconnected2998d ago

Excellent article, I still need to give This War of Mine a shot. I might just do that after reading that article.


Battlefield V now broken on Steam Deck / Linux with EA anticheat live

That's all folks. EA anticheat has now been added into Battlefield V, so it's the end of being able to play it on Steam Deck and other Linux systems.

This joins the likes of Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare 2: Deluxe Edition, EA SPORTS FC 24, EA SPORTS FIFA 23, Battlefield 2042 and Madden NFL 24 that all have EA's own homegrown anti-cheat that make them simply unplayable on systems running Linux.

Now if you try to run it, you'll be greeted with an error. A shame to see a game that's multiple years old get broken like this and no doubt EA will continue to use their own EA anticheat in future online games. Battlefield 1 is still okay, and Apex Legends is also still running but perhaps it's only a matter of time before EA force it onto those too?

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just_looken108d ago

more comments here:

47 comments in hours bf5 won't launch anymore ea is saying meh not my prob bitch tosses a faq

Yes counter cheating that is good but when the ea app on pc is still totally broken and these cheaters are on 2042 same anti cheat this is just putting scotch tape on trumps file cabinet to prevent leaks its nothing more than a stop gap.

I mention ea app as for 4years it was in beta then tossed out with 3 year old issues and i still cant not get the products that i purchased on origin yeah i purchased digital but guess what there is no dvd games on pc anymore.

Philaroni108d ago

Likewise, I'm about to do some games with some friends here but if you wish to PM me I could share my Discord if you like to talk further. Oddly you bring up THQ that I did some work for in the past.

Also for Starfield I have just a Stock GTX 1080. Not even the 1080i version on an ultra wide and with some Ini, changes and other weird things I know I got it working at Series X frame rate. Sure not the the fancy graphics options. I know Bethesda games have always been more CPU then GPU limiting. A good application I don't see many using is Process lasso. It helps with may CPU heavy games on PC. (Battletech is the main one I use it for) Can find it here if you like. https://bitsum.com/

""Xbox has made custom engines like forza/unreal they used to support epic back in the day like slipstream like you said but they make so much cash they do not need to work as much as sony.

But the issue i find is the lack of passion behind games aswell as the mass amount of users that love the broken/microtransantion filled games we get every day. Back in the day when a game was crap or had something wrong it was a oh crap are we going to get shutdown or like thq just poof gone. But today its na who cares fix it later or write it off then oh wait never mind they like it such as the new cod.""

Going to combine me response here. You are right, MS and I do feel like what they do with not just Froza and also the tech they use in Flight Sim. Is not given enough credit. If I am correct the next Fable game is going to be using a mix of things from the Turn 10 Team, maybe Unreal? Hard to say at this point, But MS along with Sony both own a full License of the tech (Days Gone for Sony) I agree with you on the talent and passion part, games have become too much, at least AAA games the 'Milk, butter, eggs and toast" to support places now days. Innovations in gameplay and such has fell lower and lower. I still don't see mechanics and ways of playing games like I did so many years back, its a bummer.

For MS maybe the end as even though they might have a massive advantage in software and services (I use to work in Azure) They can kind of do some things at cost but seem to fail at it a lot. The cloud gaming push I don't think is going to have the effect so many hope for (Not sure why anyone wants that) I still want MS to have a chance but, if I sit here with my magic dice and roll it on MS games over the last forever, it could land on Crackdown 3 (Remember that?) The cloud powered game... and now they are trying to do it again with Kojima some what. As an engineer, its not happening now, tomorrow or anything in the next 24 years. I remember back on this interview with John,


We are not even at that point yet. So hope we get there and I hope MS is still a player but I do feel you are right in many ways, they are already trying to slowly retreat just by the rhetoric alone.

Ether way again PM me and we should talk more, would love to do so.

Philaroni108d ago

The rough part of all of this is that for those of us on PC mostly be it Windows or Linux based, the anti-cheat sucks up a lot of resources. It kind of reminds me of the conversation between, security and freedom. Too much of ether is both good if managed well or very bad. We just as gamers keep seeing this pop up over and over again. Wish I had some magic wand to stop cheaters... but I don't... hell we just seen what happened with Apex at a high level event.. getting that kind of access and such is not good... but at the same time. Can anyone, one person provide me an example where Anti Cheat has even like a hit rate above 50? I know I'm pulling numbers out of my ass, but it seems the cheaters beat the systems in place time and time again. Where there is a lock, and a smith to make it. We always will have a thief that breaks it.

just_looken108d ago (Edited 108d ago )

I can

Sense everyone seems to have brain rot and forgot the ps3 that is the solution.

The ps3 for its first half had systems that would only launch the game if it saw you had a ps3 controller along with a inhouse operating system and a real gpu/cpu it was way harder to run cheats off of along with the ability to make custom rooms.

Yes there were p2p lag switching then later on thanks to that dev kit leak cheat menus but for years games like killzone/mag had dedicated servers that were hard to crack a operating system/cpu those in public had 0 knowledge how to make stuff on them.

Right now if they put all mp files on the server so we just stream the game that would be a huge step or make the multiplayer run in a sanboxed mode separate on the system.

Philaroni108d ago

I'm glad you brought that up that Killzone had Dedicated servers. I remember the Yellow Dog Linux days of PS3, as well. EA use to do more Dedicated Servers for games but as time went on they would 'rent them out' and slowly the official servers would die down.

P2P Lag always had that magical thing (Gears 2 (Aak the shot gun) and Halo 2,3) fans know as host advantage. That alone allowed for lags switches, booting of others from games. ECT. (Though I admit, was the most fun I had when our team could beat cheaters. Man was that a good time)

I fully agree with you, the fact so much is working how it is has in a hard way compromised network/client security issue. I'll pick on COD for example where some assets are local and other are on server, between games and between even evolutions/iterations of the engines used.

just_looken108d ago


Thank you for the reply i am glad others on here remember

Now back to the series x having games with the same frame rate as a 2005 xbox 360 but the masses thinking that is fine and next gen.

Starfield on series x native 780ishp fallout 3 xbox 360 720p both 30fps gaming has "grown so much"

Sadly we are not in large numbers and see mp/sp tech wise/cheater wise has gotten worse not better.

Philaroni108d ago

I hate to say it about Starfield I'd have too look at reports from way back when. I swear to god they said it was going to launch with Creation Kit 2 (I worked with 1 alot in Skyrim mods in the block based aka cell based structure) Back then it was great, but for the life of me I don't know how a Studio like Obsidian can make a game same as Bethesda but with less bugs and bull shit. (Fallout Veg and Outer Worlds) Not that it was with out bugs but when a 3rd party does better with your own tech... I find an issue... with it all.

Frame rate stuff I only understand from two points, design and marketing. On the Design part yes back in the day 30FPS was I swear almost more common then now days. It was not a design compromise to keep it at 30 as the hardware and the way the game was being 'displayed' (Key thing there) was as impactful. Now days I feel the Marketing side wants a 4K trailer running likely rendered on a Xbox or PS system with little text saying (Oh wit was on a PC that no one is able to afford... of course teasing there a bit.)

I do understand that Starfield is a 'simulated world' where like every item you drop is there, for like forever... cool, that is not too new now days and design wise, is kind of a dumb thing.... who cares how many carrots you can collect... is it cool sure, makes for good PR in some ways. Lack of tangible game play is the issue. I can't take credit for this but a buddy of mine worked in advertising and I shit you not at Fast food. They would make wax and even 3D print now and then post render foods you would get, just for you as the client at a Burger King to not be given as you where sold on. (((( He did not work for them FYI.. but others)))

Issue with gaming as you are saying is too much is on the 'presentation.' It does not sell like it use too, that type of advertising. Most of it is word of mouth, who my friends tell me is a good game or not, what my friends are playing. Then comes the reviews.

Its dumb that our next gen systems feel like we gone all but up a step that we already went down two to three on. Take Uncharted 4 for example 30FPS SP and 60 MP. That I can deal with, and that was a PS4 game.

I do at times dis Xbox a lot, but come on, they still have yet to make there own damn game engine. Slipstream failed heavily, where Sony and most of their own studios have tech they made for the games they are trying to build. I am unsure how Xbox is again now saying the 'next' system will be the best ever. Sure it will be duh? Tech changes and grows, but I never seen a system use it so poorly. (I blame alot on the bloated Xbox OS FYI)

just_looken108d ago


You can have both presentation and framerate pc's have been doing both for decades now 4k ray tracing bla bla yeah that is different but starfield is no maxed out minecraft with its seed tech with ray tracing minecraft uses seeds also with huge buildings but for years pc's can do 60fps on that.

I mentioned 30fps because back in the day we had hd consoles alot of users had sd tv's just getting into hd tv's so i get the graphics difference but we are talking about 20years of hardware difference.

A real hardware console 6700 3700x 16gb of ram can run starfield at 60fps not maxed out but its possible this was pre performance patches:

Remember the apu/igpu tablet crap the consoles are using are based off of the 6700

The xbox operating system has always been windows based from windows 2000/xp xbox-xbox 360 the tail end of the 360 using vista/7 then to the series x using windows 10 that is why backwards compatibility works great its all direct x based with the same bc as a window's pc. What we see today is just the change from needing games to survive to making games as a product m$ makes more money in a week than what sony can make in months.

Xbox has made custom engines like forza/unreal they used to support epic back in the day like slipstream like you said but they make so much cash they do not need to work as much as sony.

But the issue i find is the lack of passion behind games aswell as the mass amount of users that love the broken/microtransantion filled games we get every day. Back in the day when a game was crap or had something wrong it was a oh crap are we going to get shutdown or like thq just poof gone. But today its na who cares fix it later or write it off then oh wait never mind they like it such as the new cod.

The new cod is making bank yes users hated it but the sales show the masses that do not post love it sadly

Heck did you see that wow has limited time store items now with hundreds online defending it because they think the store its what's need to keep the game online despite the $15 a month payment and m4 ownership.

I find in the end of this generation Microsoft will go the way of sega they might also just buy sony as everything sony except music/games is not making money they are a cheap buy for microsoft right now so we would just have 2 companies fighting in the gaming ring with papa os watching from the sidelines.

Great chatting 2 you may i recommend looking at rpgm games? they are out there even though i have a i9 4090 custom rig right now along with a ps5 i have been playing 4yr old games or rpgm stuff this year. Its funny i remember being a 2360/ps3 owner stacks of adventures now i am like well time to see what is in the past.

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EA anticheat and Battlefield

Battlefield V, getting easy anticheat

We're pleased to share that EA Anticheat will be extended to #BattlefieldV this Wednesday, April 3rd at 08:00 UTC.

You will need to restart your game to benefit from the changes of this Client Update.

Learn more via our updated EA Anticheat Blog:

just_looken117d ago

Other sources from battlefield official accounts.



So steamdeck might have issues and those out there that are anti kernal drm will get a surprise. Depending on your setup you also might get new issues as i know rgb software likes to fight with easy anti cheat.


Steam Game Contraband Police Hopes It Can Be the Next Papers, Please

Stop (or profit off) your border's contraband!

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