Top 5 Rarest PS4 Game Consoles

The Playstation 4 released only a few years ago. Still that doesn't mean there aren't already several very rare PS4 Games Consoles. Here The VitaBoys count down the Top 5 Rarest PS4 Systems that you likely won't ever get your hands on.

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magiciandude1109d ago (Edited 1109d ago )

These are all cool looking consoles especially the 20 anniversary PS4. The MGSV system looks almost as good too.

DarkHeroZX1107d ago

I own the Metal Gear solid one. Even showed it off on my channel.

Relientk771109d ago

The 20th Anniversary PS4 is my favorite

Gol3m1108d ago

I've got a MGSV console. How do I post pictures

I-Hate-usernames1108d ago

They still sell some of those in my country :) especially mgsv console you can find it in a number of retail shop.

Gol3m1108d ago

The MGSV console was sold in Japan and Australia. I gather you're Japanese as there's none left in Australia

DarkHeroZX1107d ago

It was sold throughout Europe actually. I imported mine from the UK.

Retroman1107d ago

look on Amazon still selling MGSV consoles. 500.00

ZulDaIng1108d ago

The MGSV model looks like someone had their period on it.

Gol3m1108d ago

Are you even old enough to know what a period is? God damned children on n4g

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The story is too old to be commented.