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Uncharted 4: A Thief's End is a victory for Naughty Dog, is visually stunning, the most complete series, most varied and fun, with an exemplary implementation and a script that does not abandon the relaxed side of the argument, despite the tone that is more mature of the relationships between the characters. As The Last of Us in the past, it is destined to mark a generation. 10/10
-(google translation from Portuguese)

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Null19801115d ago (Edited 1115d ago )

I know many people aren't too happy about IGN's 8.8 Review-in-Progress, so I felt I would share that other outlets of IGN are indeed scoring it higher. I'm an American living in Portugal, so that's why I have shared this one in particular. Can't wait for Tuesday!

Edit- Sorry for some of the poor translation that Google does. That would have been a ton of effort to manually translate the whole thing though.

iR_phantasm1115d ago

Where in Portugal are u? I'm a native of Torres Vedras, district of Lisbon.

Null19801114d ago

Nice! I'm currently in Oeiras, also in the Lisbon district. My wife is Portuguese, from this area, which is what brought me here. Beautiful country! :)

jb2271114d ago

I actually just heard what may have been a bit of a slip on Justin Davis from IGN's part in the newest Game Scoop. He specifically said this at the 8:40 mark:

"So I'm playing the game but I'm not nearly as far through it as Lucy was when she reviewed it."

So that kinda clearly insinuates that Lucy didn't even finish the game before she wrote her review. I mean I don't see how that could've been Justin misspeaking, because we all assume that reviewers actually beat games before they score them, specifically campaigns. He wasn't talking about multiplayer, and if he was simply saying he hadn't finished it yet, then he would've said exactly that, there would be no reason to mention Lucy in that situation as some kind of touch point.

Sounds to me like Lucy didn't even finish the game before she wrote her review, and it has to make you wonder if she ever actually finished it. She said there was "too much action" when most every other review said that there is a slow build for the first handful of chapters that have very little action & that everything is paced well, so that criticism never really rang true to me.

I'm totally fine w/ her score & her opinion, but not if she didn't actually finish the game before she wrote her review. This wasn't some 400 hour Fallout open world RPG, it was a finite reasonable campaign length, and anyone writing up impressions or slapping a score down should have actually finished the entire thing!

Dario_DC1115d ago

Makes you wonder what kinda crap goes around on the main IGN...

mocaak1115d ago

That crap is called Lucy.

Germany71115d ago

She doesn't care about games, she only wants to spread the feminist agenda.

Phill-Spencer1115d ago

IGN America:

+ Guns
+ deaths
+ Explosions
+ running

- too much graphics
- too much gameplay
- too much story
- too much multiplayer
- no aliens
- where are dem jetpacks?


Sunny_D1115d ago

Maybe the final review will boost it to a 9 or above?

Vitalogy1114d ago

@U_R_Weirdos You forgot this:

- no zombie mode


Phill-Spencer1114d ago

@ Vitalogy

You're right! How could i forget this one! Everthing has to have zombies.

scark921115d ago

IGN Russia 10/10
IGN New Zealand 10/10
IGN Afghanistan 10/10
IGN North Pole 10/10
IGN Middle Earth 10/10
IGN America 8.8 Too much action

Livecustoms1115d ago

Atleast the European IGN outlets understand UC4 <3

Null19801115d ago (Edited 1115d ago )

Ah, I just love Portugal's enthusiasm for Uncharted and the PS4! I went to the Lisboa Games Week convention last November. PS4 took up at least half the convention, the Uncharted 4/Uncharted Trilogy section was probably the largest of all the event. XBox's was so small in the back, hard to find. They hardly invested anything in the event. I think they already gave up on this country. Granted, we're not a huge country, but it wasn't helping them win any favor here. :P

DarXyde1115d ago

At this point, IGN US is looking a little spiteful. Well, at least 8.8 pending (seriously?) is still a great score.

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