New: Gears of War 2 Multiplayer Cam Gameplay

An off-screen multiplayer gameplay video of Gears of War 2 from the X08 Canada Event.

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Ttam3704d ago

The downed locust was trying to crawl away LOL.

cito35th3704d ago

not so much of an improvement from gears1( graphically speaking) but of course still getting it

jaysquared3704d ago

Can't wait to be doing that to some of my friends online! I had over 10+ of my real friends playing the first one. There were times we were all online and some had to be left out. That was some fun stuff..

The game is looksbeautiful even with that crappy quality of the vidz. Best graphics any game on any console out right now!! Can't wait to get my hands on this..

Fishy Fingers3704d ago


That's a new addition, you can even do it yourself, when downed you can crawl to a saver place until your friends arrive.

SpecialSauce3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

this game is way better than rfom 2. i just got to say. but that guys armor is just waaaaaaaaaaaaay to chunky.

@ below it's about medium paced. fast and tactical.

blackbeld3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

smal maps and only 8 players online.. how can this be better then RES2? You're so pathetic.

SpecialSauce3703d ago (Edited 3703d ago )

it's ten players online FIRST OF ALL. SECOND OF ALL i love the PS3 and almost always support it. but i not to biased to the point when i cant admit that one game is OBVIOUSLY BETTER then another. i have played both of the first games and RFOM doesn't compare to gears.and more player and bigger maps don't make a AAA title. in fact in the old game i would only play in small game becuz to many people running around got me killed every ten seconds.

mfwahwah3703d ago

So you love the PS3, yet you don't know the name of R2? It's not Resistance: Fall of Man 2. it's Resistance 2. Mebbe you're biased toward Gears, just an incy tiny little itty bit?

snoopgg3703d ago

not peoples opinions, for mine is the only one that counts for me. Resistance 1 was so much fluid and had faster action then gears 1 with so much more going on. Gears 1 was good, but didn't have anything on Resistance 1. I think after playing these two, the same thing can be said. If you want fast action, and alot of people to compete against get Resistance, if you want a smaller group to play against get Gears. Their both great games, but can hardly be compared considering the different game veiws of perspective and the sheer amount of action on screen that Resistance has going on at one time with more people playing. I always thought Gears was kinda choppy and shiny in their story mode compared to the more fluid Resistance. Resistance really was better considering it was a launch game that did so much in the little time it had to do it. On the other hand I always thought Gears 1 would be so much better then all the hype it got.

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SmokingMonkey3704d ago

they look slow, was Gears 1 this slow paced?

Bangladesh3704d ago

Not at all, when playing on Live it's fast and furious. I don't think the person playing really knew what they were doing.

zapass3704d ago

waddup buddy?
long time no see, how's that ass irritation going?

snoopgg3703d ago

then yes the action is slower. Its still fun, bet yes it is slower with less action going on. Resistance 1 played way smoother then Gears did with more action and stuff on the screen at once. Gears 1 was alittle choppy.

Dyingduck3704d ago

I played Gears1 at my friend's house on his twice RRODed Xbox360, and judging from the game play from this article, IT'S ALMOST played out the same way...

I mean to previous Gears1 owner, what are the "major" differences? It feels quite slow, actually.

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