King's Quest: Once Upon A Climb Review | Hey Poor Player

HPP: Sierra and the Odd Gentlemen prove once again the venerated King's Quest series is in capable hands with the saccharine Once Upon A Climb.

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derkasan1111d ago

Looks like another solid entry in the King's Quest series

dead_pixels1111d ago

It's without a doubt the best yet. If you haven't had a chance to check out the series yet I can't recommend it enough.

coolbeans1111d ago

Well I'm excited! I was a big fan of Episode 1 but was incredibly underwhelmed by Episode 2. Glad to see this is a return to form.

dead_pixels1111d ago

@coolbeans I had the same issue as well. Episode 2 had entirely too much backtracking and felt like a step in the wrong direction for the series. Once Upon A Climb borrows the freedom of choice that we were introduced to in Rubble Without A Cause, albeit in a less heavyhanded way, while rekindling the things that made the series' debut so exciting.

That said, you're in for a treat!