New Battlefield 5 image

From the stream on Xbox.

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evergrace1109d ago

Clickbait. How the hell a post like this takes permission to be uploaded to n4g?

quenomamen1109d ago

Easy, this is N4G not the Wallstreet Journal.

letsgopal1109d ago (Edited 1109d ago )

So? we should maintain some quality.
This image has been posted something like two times, and it's old, not new.

sdcard4gb1109d ago

Battlefield 5 ? Did you mean Battlefield 1 ?
Naming it Battlefield 1 was stupid as fuck :D
Reminds me of when DmC: Devil May Cry was named, well, that XD Made some stupid people call it Devil May Cry 5 AHAHAHA)))

scark921109d ago

I really doubt that Battlefield 1 was the best name to use, what were they thinking...

Regardless if its WW1, they could have been more creative....

Already having a Battlefield 2 makes it that much worse haha

yondamie1109d ago

They should have called it Battlefield World War.

Majin-vegeta1109d ago

Except there never was a BF1.So it makes sense.Sonce its revolving around WW1

scark921109d ago

@Majin-vegeta I understand that, but it is a great way to confuse people.

KilluaX31109d ago (Edited 1109d ago )

Sorry everyone, I posted this right when the pic leaked online, but this just got approved now.

Tsar4ever011108d ago (Edited 1108d ago )

It should've said Battlefield with a large WW1 behind the word battlefield.

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