Has Remedy fixed Quantum Break on PC?


"Quantum Break was left in a bit of state at the PC version's launch, but this week we have update 1.7 - a whopping 27GB patch - to potentially address its issues. Ranging from stuttering frame-rates owing to a 50fps cap on 60Hz displays, a 30fps mode with severe frame-pacing issues, and also driver crashes on Nvidia cards - it all left a bad taste in the mouths of those who'd spent so much on the game at launch. The good news is that with Remedy's latest patch things are looking brighter, and while there are still some major issues, it is indeed possible to play the game at a straight 1080p60."

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badz1491517d ago (Edited 1517d ago )

27GB patch? Just to show how unready it was for release! Master race or not, this is simply shoddy business! Based on recent releases, I think MS's stance is clear in terms of PC gaming. They simply don't care enough! The fact that they said they would make it big for PC gamers shows how shameless they are and they only after easy profit! Damn you MS!