Six new Rogue Warriors Screenshots

Today we found six new screenshots of Bethesda's Rogue Warrior. The game will be released somewhere this year on PC, Xbox 360 and PLAYSTATION 3, and it seems like the developer has some work to do on the graphics before releasing this game.

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Juevani5247d ago

looks like to be a hit...

power of Green 5247d ago (Edited 5247d ago )

The dev's have to get around the PS3's hardware to improve the graphics. It's PS3's limited capabilities that has this title looking like sh*t they're trying to do the photo real aproch that so many 360 titles have but the PS3's hardware is limited to cartoon-ish art styles, Racers don't count. I hope some of you Sony fans understand why some of use 360 fans do not like games developed with PS3 in mind. vs .

THWIP5247d ago

...that Bethesda is using UE3 in this game.

1.) Other than the cancelled 'Frame City Killer', no developer has made such an ugly game with that engine.

2.) Everything about the game looks EXACTLY like Oblivion. Since Oblivion could be played entirely in FP mode, that engine would have been perfectly suited for a FPS.

I think Bethesda is just spreading themselves too thin, and half-assing things in the process. Porting Oblivion to PS3/PSP, making the Star Trek games, Rogue Warrior, continuing to develop content for Oblivion.....something's got to give, because they simply aren't that big.

InMyOpinion5247d ago

Dice's Bad Company looks to be the better pick.

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The story is too old to be commented.