Take Down Nazi Forces in Wolfenstein 3D on PC

Carl Williams writes, "Okay, back in the early 1990’s PC gaming was COMPLETELY different than it is today. We actually went to stores and bought games. We didn’t have online capabilities standard in games. We barely had modem, land line, multiplayer. Direct, in the same room multiplayer was common around this time. We also would call or write, via an actual pen and paper letter, the game company/developer to get a demo disk. One popular method of getting games out to gamers was to release a demo via shareware. Since the Internet was not prevalent, publishers and developers relied on fans sharing these shareware releases. Wolfenstein 3D was one such success story of this business practice. What some of you may not realize is, John Carmack and John Romero were behind Wolfenstein 3D."

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Ark_1111d ago

Good memories.
It's curious how one gets used to the upgrade in visual and auditory fidelity over time.
When I look back from todays point of view, it's hard to believe we had so much fun with those "simple" games ...