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Ratchet & Clank is a welcome return to form for veteran developer, Insomniac, and proves that reboots can appeal to both the jaded nostalgia-thriving 33-year-old and a new generation of gamers weaned on the grind of mobile titles and the twitch of online gaming.

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Inzo1116d ago

Again, not a reboot, its a remake and yes there is a difference.

Deano19881116d ago

It's a reboot and a remake. It's not a remaster.

Cuzzo631113d ago

Reboot and remake are the same right?

Retroman1116d ago

You would think by now EA rebooted NFS would have hitch off like R&C but still garbage.

in other news today : hope insomniac reboot encourage other developers such as NAUGHTY DOG rekindle Crash and Jax & Daxter

more details at 11