Do Horror Games Need To Be Supernatural?

Does Horror Need Things From Beyond Our World? Non-Fiction Gaming's Aidan discusses the different tropes involved with making good Horror games.

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sdcard4gb898d ago

No, but it sure is more exciting when they are.

Bahamut898d ago

Absolutely not. There are plenty of scary situations in the real-world that could be replicated in the form of a video game.

OhMyGandhi898d ago

I agree! a game like Heavy Rain comes to mind...

opinionated898d ago

Nope. One of the scariest games I've played was fighting bums in dark buildings with condemned criminal origins. The supernatural ruined it, especially in bloodshot. Just give me a creepy detective story with dirty bums.

OhMyGandhi898d ago (Edited 898d ago )

totally! That is actually one of the first games that came to mind for me as well when I read the title of this article. While there SOME supernatural elements of Condemned, the scariest moments are the people coming at you with baseball bats and other melee weapons, they just look like they HATE you. That game still has the best melee combat mechanics I've seen in any game.

opinionated898d ago

I agree. I saw a little movement across the room and I was like "fuck that, I don't want to go down there." That rarely happens to me, I'm a huge horror fan.

donwel898d ago

Not at all, personally though I do think it helps. As humans we have a kind of instinctual fear of the unknown, when watching horror films or playing horror games, all sense of fear is lost when you find out that it's just some guy being a bit of bell end for giggles.
Like I say though, that's just for me, I don't find humans particularly scary (irritating maybe) I see humans every day, when I play horror games I want to see some faceless monstrosity pulled from the very depths of satans rectum, not the bloke from down the street who happens to keep human bodyparts in his freezer and whom you can quite easily finish off with a cricket bat.

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