Why Buy Games on Release Day?

Jo from GamersFTW writes: "There is always a sense of excitement around a new game release. Whether that be because you have been waiting for the title for many years or because it is a brand new IP which you have seen progress through its development. There are many reasons to get excited about a new release. However, over the last few years there has been a huge decline in this excitement, in my mind anyway."

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snellings994d ago

I wholeheartedly agree...but I can't help myself with uncharted 4. If that's broken next week I'll quit day one releases forever! I swear, I really really mean it this time!

Yukes994d ago

The simple fact is that people struggle to control their own expectations, and let the hype get the better of them. I don't get the "having stuff before someone else" mentality, but in fairness spoilers can be a killer.

Perjoss994d ago

I don't think its healthy to never get excited about anything, being reserved is probably the smart thing to do as more often then not things just don't live up to our expectations, but hyping yourself up for something is like an investment, and it pays off if that thing you're excited about actually turns out to be great.

Free_Fro994d ago (Edited 994d ago )

I don't buy on release day.... but I make the occasional, ever so rare exception.

Youngindy21994d ago

I rarely buy games on release day. I don't see the point. Most times I have a long backlog of games to play and don't have time to play the newest releases when they first come out. Plus if you wait a little bit the game goes on sale. However my own brother attends midnight releases, so I guess to each his own.