Printable 1-Page Warhawk Trophy List

When you all are working on your Warhawk trophies tonight - you'll probably want an easy-to-read, one page reminder of all the trophies available. PSLS suggests you print this out and cross through the trophies as you get them!

Download the PDF file from the article, print, and enjoy!

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StalkingSilence4673d ago

I'm going to change the bullets to checkboxes and try to adjust the font (while keeping readability) to make each trophy on its own line.

therealwillie4673d ago

Its fine, its not a "cheat sheet" though.... just tells you the description it already gives you on the psn (apart from the secret ones)

StalkingSilence4673d ago

I really wasn't trying to be misleading... what do you suggest I call it? I used to call little things like that cheat sheets. Just as a reminder for what I need to study for an exam, for instance. Doesn't mean the sheet has cheats on it, just a shortcut way to remember things.

therealwillie4673d ago (Edited 4673d ago )

printable warhawk trophy list? :) nah sounds a bit boring.... printable warhawk trophy list with fireworks attached...... hmmm honestly have no idea but yeah, ive never heard anything like that being called a cheat sheet. i can see it being handy though, instead of pausing the game, going to your trophy list, waiting for it to load, you'd have it there on the table instead..... make warhawk trophy hunt easier list

SullyDrake4673d ago

Don't quote me on this, but there's this rumor going around that In-Game XMB lets you view a list of Trophies for compatible games WHILE still playing the game...

Take this with a grain of salt...

jwatt4673d ago

Know what's cool about Trophies in Warhawk is that you can see when the other people you play online get their trophies too.

badz1494673d ago

for the effort and it's handy. +bubbles

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Darkiewonder4673d ago

"Printable Warhawk Trophy List"

That's all I see there.

StalkingSilence4673d ago (Edited 4673d ago )

you guys have never heard of the phrase cheat sheet? I guess I use it too liberally. read my comment above. I can change it to Printable 1-Page Warhawk Trophy List if you'd like.

EDIT: OK I changed it for everyone that was confused!

Darkiewonder4673d ago

like for math, it shows an equation and stuff. for english they may have common misspelled words, definition of verb, pronoun etc. science they give me formulas and such. this is just a list of the warhawk trophies. but if you have tips thrown on there it would be great.

Old Snake4673d ago

And I should care why???

deathray4673d ago

who cares why you care.... STFU

Old Snake4672d ago

My the hell would anyone want a printable version?

bunbun7774673d ago

Whenever I got my GPK's we had checklists. A checklist. Thats what I would've called it: Warhawk Trophy Checklist.

(10 mins till i get to go home- yes)

StalkingSilence4672d ago

Version 2 can be a checklist w/ checkboxes and tips!

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The story is too old to be commented.