Battlefield 5 Reports: Fans Won't Expect This One; DICE Did an Amazing Work Once Again

With the Battlefield 5 reveal set for this Friday, more hints have been dropped by industry professionals about it.

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Chris_Wray2968d ago

I'll remain skeptical. While I've always enjoyed BF, none of them have ever been as good as 'insiders' have said. None have ever hit the heights that BF2 managed to hit, more than likely a consequence of diverting much needed time into a single-player mode.

Not to mention that if Battlefront is anything to go by, my hopes are far from high.

kaiserfranz2968d ago

Well, Battlefront left out single player altogether. But I feel that it was a half-hearted effort, with them already busy with Mirror's Edge Catalyst and this new Battlefield

garrettbobbyferguson2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Half hearted effort is putting nicely. They legitimately did not get a f**k about Battlefront. No single player campaign, no loadouts, nothing like the original games. They didn't even care enough to make it at minimum have the same features that any of the recent Battlefield games have. They sold it on name alone. Oh but I guess pretty graphics is good enough for most people. I used to say that Bioshock Infinite was the game that has let me down the most out of my 20+ years of gaming, but that has now gone to Battlefront.

Nathan_Hale532967d ago

It was a minimum effort game. Looked fucking gorgeous but that was it... Became dead within a year and sucked. If they want a MP ONLY game they need a lot more than fucking dance moves.

Alexious2967d ago

Agreed, they might have bitten more than they can chew. I wasn't thrilled by the Mirror's Edge Catalyst beta.

JodiePollard2967d ago

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SolidStoner2967d ago

Battlefield need to go back where its started... 1942... everything else will be a waste, enough with that future/modern/infinite warfare.........

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Paytaa2968d ago

I'm still waiting for a Battlefield to be on par or better than Bad Company 2. That game was a milestone on my time with the 360. So much fun and even had an enjoyable satirical campaign that was a breath of fresh air compared to the overly serious FPS campaigns. Multiplayer was some of the best ever made imo.

Granted, I never played much of BF2 since I've never been a PC gamer predominately and the BF2: Modern Combat game for the 360 wasn't that good in my opinion.

Ickythump312968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

BF2 is like the holy grail of battlefield. God i miss that game. Bad company 2 was also very good, but nothing compares to BF2 :)

vickers5002968d ago

Played both bad companies, bf3 and bf4, BF1943, and BF3 in ,my opinion is by far the best. Though I got it several months after launch, so I didn't have to put up with any of the connection issues launch titles usually suffer from.

Also got the BF3 season pass for free during the bf store glitch, and that had so much content it was like a brand new game. And I played BF3 on ps3 too. The controls, even with the input lag (which I ended up preferring, the 2nd patched version I believe) were smooth as butter, the maps were great, the weapons, hell, even the sounds are far better than BF4. I played BF4 on ps4, and shortly afterwards, switched to BF3 on ps3, and the audio is far better in BF3 for some reason.

With the season pass content, BF3 surpassed my previous favorite, Call of Duty 4, as my most beloved multiplayer shooter. BF3 for me is most definitely MY holy grail battlefield game.

BlackTar1872968d ago

No love in this chain for BF2142? BF2 and BF2142 are amazing. I really liked 1942 & 1943 and BF3 as well.

BF4 was a huge letdown

and i know im a minority but i liked BF hardline.

oof462968d ago

BC2 multiplayer was soooo much fun...even when getting spawn raped (which was it's main negative), but it was the single player that shined, in my opinion. I mean, what other military shooters would have the protagonists debating on such important topics as super powers and the movie Predator?

Edito2967d ago

I feel the same, Bad Company 2 was a hell of a game i had so much fun but i don't think they can reproduce what was good about that game, time has changed now everyone is focused on crappy multiplayer games that are dead on arrival...

b163o12967d ago

So what if BFBC2 came with BF5, even the MP with all of the DLC? Would that sweeten the pot even more?

I loved BC2, I actually loved the campaign, and it was one of my first experiences with online MP, blow my friggen mind! I have never spent more time in a BF game. Never.

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seanpitt232968d ago

How big is dice I mean they have worked on battlefront, mirrors edge 2 and now battlefield 5 and they all released so close to one another. That's probably why battlefront had so little content I mean no developer can work on 3 massive games simultaneously and have lots of content.

UltraNova2967d ago

As big as EA wants them to be, apparently.

porkChop2967d ago

DICE didn't make Battlefront. Don't listen to the marketing, "from the makers of Battlefield." It was made by DICE Los Angeles. They were originally called EA Los Angeles and then Danger Close. They made the Medal of Honour games, including the horrible Warfighter. *Some* DICE employees moved to the studio, but it's not really a DICE studio. DICE Los Angeles is a studio that has had to change its name multiple times to get away from the crap games it made in the past.

starchild2968d ago

Good for you. I've enjoyed all the Battlefield games. They're my favorite military-type shooters.

I'm super excited to see what they've done with Battlefield 5.

hardcorehenry2968d ago

I think basing your expectation of the new Battlefield on Battlefront is a mistake. Battlefront is a casual experience through and through. Battlefield is an unstoppable machine. I am infinitely hyped. GOTY 2016.

PiperMCFierceson2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

Bf4 is easily one of this gens gems. Hands down their best work. Aside from a nusense "friend" infrastructure.

Khaotic2968d ago

Give dice some credit, while battlefront was one of the most shallow games and I had my fill in a three night rental, it was a technical masterpiece from a graphical and sound standpoint.

Kingthrash3602967d ago

Little bird told me it's about time travel.
Little bird = own brain
But the clues I've heard point to it. I heard ww1 then ww2 the future then ww2 again...why not have them all with time travel? Thet would surprise gamers at least

woyubu2967d ago

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Deadpooled2968d ago

Make sure it works from launch this time :)


I know man... Was so excited when I bought an X1 and BF4 the same day, but pissed that I could not play it for a couple months since it was straight BROKE lol

dillhole2968d ago

BF4 became a great game in my opinion. But it had such a bad reputation by the time it was working. Hopefully they learnt.....

Deadpooled2966d ago

Still plenty of players online BF4 on PS4, no difficulty in finding games. But if it worked from launch there would probably be more players online now.