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In the end, The Last Guy is an outstanding title that's challenging, funny, and fresh. Yes, it's a download and it's rather simple looking, but once you get your hands on the controls and get to the point where you've tanked for the fifth time in a row and are plotting a path on the map overview before your next deployment, you'll know why this game rocks. Plain and simple, The Last Guy deserves to have a place on your hard drive.

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TOO PAWNED3757d ago

cool, i tried DEMO and game is not for me, but more power to Sony for this type of games.

Nitrowolf23757d ago

its not my type of game either, but nice review

Overr8ed3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

different strokes for different folks. i think am going to try out the demo,since this is a review well.

SpecialSauce3757d ago

that shyt was a waste of money. i tried to play it with sooooooooo many people and no one liked it including me.

chaosatom3757d ago

I thought it was awesome.

Does anybody know if it has some co-op?

Andras843757d ago

I didn't like the demo either!!

marinelife93757d ago

Definitely for the casuals. My wife liked the demo but I didn't care for it much.

Gamekilla3757d ago

i know hindi too...
and it was awesome....

the game was O.K. not amazing by any means but enough things happening on screen to create some depth in strategy....

TO ALL THE PEOPLE WHO DIDN'T LIKE THE DEMO....just go play more time...

orakga3757d ago

...whether or not they charge for the extra maps.
I got the Japanese version when it came out. It cost me $10 (equivalent), but only came with ONE map (split up into three levels).

For $10, that's a rip off.

BUT!! I hear they're going to be adding more placed to the game, and if they are provided as free add-ons, I will take back what I said. Until then, I'm on the sideline. The game itself is quirkily fun; but it's got a potential pricing issue.

Torch3757d ago

Tried it last night...just couldn't get into it.

Demo deleted immediately thereafter.

joemayo763757d ago

the only minor gripe i had was it was a lil difficult to tell whether my (last) guy could go on som streets or not, sure u have that nightvision-mode but it was like i said, a minor gripe. Other than that i was kinda hooked on it :)

Siesser3757d ago

Orakga, "With the full game, you’ll get to experience the full Asakusa stage from the demo, plus a bunch of other exciting cities from around the world, with 15 stages in all. Of course there’s London and Los Angeles, which we originally mentioned. And in the latest trailer above you can see cities like Washington, D.C., Sydney, Berlin, and Chinatown in Yokohama, Japan. There are lots of other great cities waiting to be saved by you in the full game, plus a bunch of different kinds of zombies and boss zombies for you to outwit and out-maneuver. You’ll definitely have to use the power-ups scattered throughout each stage wisely to make it through each of the 15 stages. "

orakga3756d ago

Yeah, thanks for that info. I actually heard that already, but it actually looks like they added even more maps since the last time I heard about the US release.

I guess... with all those maps, the game would justify that $10 pricepoint. But I hope they don't keep charging $1.99 for extra maps, and at the least provide a free add-on for the Japanese version (with all the maps in the US version).

I'm just really sick of getting nickel/dimed by gaming companies.


To others: Many of you seem to be having trouble locating your guy, etc. I can see why that would be a problem, but I think part of the "problem" is that the game was optimized for 1080p screens. It's a double-edged sword, really. 1080p games look blurry on 480p screens. And 480p games look blurry on 1080p screens...

Yeah, I totally wouldn't want to play this game at 480p either.

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cahill3757d ago

day 1 purchase

GOATY 2008


Overr8ed3757d ago

Goat of the Year?
If so the goat needs something to tell you, look at its face.

chaosatom3757d ago

but dodging monster was fun.

And I am pretty sure that it's gets a lot more crazy with new stuff.

Orange3757d ago

i had trouble seeing anything without switching vision. i'd like to be able to more distinctly see the monsters in normal mode.

theusedfake3757d ago

and couldn't stop, at least until yesterday
when Disgaea 3 came out lol.
I can't wait to get the full version
of this game.

Drekken3757d ago

Very addicting... I really enjoyed it. I saw some of the madness to come in future maps and it looks sick.

When does this come out??

TheExecutive3757d ago

tomorrow Drekken tomorrow

Drekken3757d ago

Thanks exec, have another bubble (like you need it! lol)

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lonestarmt3757d ago

this is a fun game. Good PSN games lately. quest for booty, bionic commando, and now this!! Wish godzilla would have showed up though... lol

kinggeoff3757d ago

to forget siren. what a waste :(

meepmoopmeep3757d ago

it's a fun game once you get the hang of it and play it more.

RadientFlux3757d ago

I tried the demo and it wasn't bad. I might try it again in a few weeks after I finish Too Human and Merc2

cahill3757d ago

thats the worst game of the year.

why on earth would someone purchase Too Human --68% at metacritics and 4/5/6 from most reviewers

LeonSKennedy4Life3757d ago

He purchased it because he liked it.

Is that a crime?

theusedfake3757d ago

who cares what reviewers say,
if he likes it then that should
be enough of a reason for him to play.

3757d ago
hokis4ever3757d ago

I agree with your comment (and the ones above) that 5.1 comments aren't necessary, but don't stoop to his level with your own "PS3 bashing" comment... come on

cahill3757d ago (Edited 3757d ago )

x360 has more games and more flops too

wartech, too human, two worlds, vampire rain, operation flashpoint---do i go one?


Last guy is a much better game. No way to refute that
Last guy wont be getting anything less than 8 from any site

RadientFlux3757d ago

Too Human because I like it. Last weekend was amazing first I got to play the Ratchet and Clank episode then finished the weekend with Too Human and the Star Wars demo.

Now back to Last Guy, I have doubt I will have fun with the game, I'm just going to wait a few weeks so I have time to actually play it.

Drekken3757d ago

crabby patty, looks like you are wrong... lol

BlackTar1873757d ago

I like too human and I bought it and have played it a Crap ton. Is there a problem with that? I bought and liked lair as well and HS is there a problem with that ? there shouldnt be anyone who sits there and prays on someones shortcomings is a sad one. Be happy you have games with the way the industry is going to money not love and senseless hate and bias it may not be what you signed up for in 10yrs from now.

Just be weary good or bad games deserve to be made and played if thats something you dont agree with then the open zone is that way

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