Turning Point team surprised by critical slamming

Tight budgets and Codemasters were to blame for Turning Point: Fall of Liberty's poor critical reception, according to Spark Unlimited producer John Garcia-Shelton.

Speaking exclusively to OXM, he explains why Turning Point wasn't what it could have been.

"We all hoped it could do well because the game has some creatively strong ideas and powerful sequences," he explains, "but we always worried that the game was not going to be competitive with titles built on two, three or four times the budget - everyone was surprised by Codemasters' front line retail pricing strategy - but even then no one thought it would be critically slammed quite so hard."

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RadientFlux3702d ago

Once Legendary ships I guess we will have truth if Turning Point was the developers or publishers fault.

dachiefsman3702d ago

From the videos I have seen on, the game doesn't look that great.

I put it in the "Turok" category. Good enough to rent, but not enough to buy.

Who knows I could be wrong.