One Two & 4.5: Current “Next-gen” Consoles

Much like the title of this article the idea of releasing new console hardware half way through the cycle without it actually being the “next generation” is a disaster waiting to happen. With all the recent mumblings and murmurs making their way through the Internet, it’s hard to avoid the rumours of the inevitable reveal of new console hardware.

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Shubhendu_Singh1766d ago

Another hour...another PS4.5 / XB2 article.

I am thinking to start avoiding each of them until Sony / Microsoft says something concrete, which probably will be E3 40 days from now. Everything that could have been said, had been said already. People have picked their flags and are sticking to it. Let us wait for E3 for another capture the flag.

blackblades1766d ago

Agreed, these articles been coming multiple times a day for weeks. Talking like it's been confirmed, they need to wait for E3 when it's actually been confirmed if it's real.

UltimateMaster1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

The boost increase as seen from the Neo is not significant compared to the original PS4.
The GPU is just 2.3x more powerful overall. Using Next-gen Polaris AMD graphics engine.

The real difference here is when you are comparing it to the Xbox One.
The GPU is 3.45x more powerful with Ram speed over 3x faster which is significant when you want to use the home screen. The PS4 is significantly smoother already and the Neo will give 500mb of Ram more for devs to using because of the speed increase.

For someone who owns an Xbox One, it already feels like a next-gen system in comparison.
But at the same time, Microsoft can't just come out with a more powerful Xbox than the PS4 Neo because that will dwaft the OG Xbox One even more so than it already is. And without the install base Sony already has...
It's like Damn if you do, damn if you don't .

HK61766d ago

I agree with you to the extent of the consumer point of view being talked about overly much by this point. I think one area that was lacking discussion (beyond developers saying it was a bad idea) was the impact on console game developers.

I understand that this whole discussion is based in rumours, but I don't think that makes the points that are being brought up any less valid.

rainslacker1766d ago (Edited 1766d ago )

I told myself yesterday I wasn't going to partake in such conversations anymore. It's gotten beyond pointless.

But I keep getting sucked in by all the people who keep saying things which are undeniably false in terms of technology, programming, and how it all works.

It's like trying to turn away from a train wreck, and by now you'd think I'd come to realize most people in forums don't understand half the details which are easy to understand, much less half the abstract concepts which this new paradigm introduces.

I think these articles are making me go slowly insane......

Maybe I should go finish platting R&C. So much fun...makes me forget my decent into madness.


Trust me, I've tried to bring in the view of the game developer on many occasions, and exactly how that would effect the consumer, but people refuse to discuss it, or just dismiss it as meaningless drivel.

It's OK though, if all this turns out to be true, I just won't feel sorry for these same people who start complaining about all the new crap they have to put up with.

Saigon1765d ago

@rainslacker its not that no one is listening to you; most of us understand that it will be a hiccup, but most of us do not look at it as a major problem. In all honesty these devs should be seasoned enough to know what to do. Plus I am sure Sony and MS have already thought about this and provided the proper codecs or upgrades to the dev kits to allow this change / feature.

OT: My biggest problem with these articles is that some are bringing their own perspective into the articles without looking at the facts. I understand some have concern but it shouldn't be as trivial if you read the leaked information.

rainslacker1765d ago (Edited 1765d ago )

I appreciate the reasoned response. Would like to see more of it.

I understand what your saying, and it's not so much people who think it's not as much of an issue as I posit, more that some people, if not quite a few, completely ignore any and all negative connotations to the new stuff as if it won't be a problem or issue at all.

Even I can admit that I may be making it more of an issue that it needs to be, or will be, but I tend to think long term on stuff like this, and use my experience in the industry, as well as my observations of it as a consumer of the industry to form conclusions on what could be. Sometimes those conclusions are not good, and I express them because I feel that those things should be said, and people should consider them. I don't expect them to accept them outright, but nothing I've put forth is unworthy of consideration.

From my experience, the long term negative results often do come to pass, but by the time they come to pass, most people are accostomed to them, so they are less noticable.

I'm also sure MS and Sony would have considered all the things I've said, and I would hope they would account for them. They may be forced to account for them, because it isn't as easy as it sounds to just release something like this and get developers and publishers on board. It will require more resources, which devs will resist, and resources cost money, which means publishers will resist.

I'm also sure tools will be made available to facilitate the changes. It will be almost necessary, because despite many arguments, it's not like PC programming, and tools will be necessary. Being someone who's job is to make these kinds of tools, not having gotten anything to actually know what to make leads me more to believe it may not be a thing, or at least not something for the near future.

Anyhow, to address your OT part.

It's not really trivial, but I'm going to be honest. The "facts" released with the leaked document are some of the most trivial facts that would be needed to form a solid conclusion on what the new hardware will mean both for developers and consumers. In fact, some of the things they list make me wonder why they would even bother, and none of it reads like anything official. I understand they're transcribing facts as they interprit them apparently, and we aren't getting verbatim quotes from the documents, but the terminology used, and the lack of important technical details seems rather suspicious.

This makes it really hard to talk about, because there just isn't enough info there to form a solid conclusion as a dev, and I'll be honest, I can't see why anyone would be willing to drop $400+ on something like this with so many important facts unknown and not explained.

Artemidorus1766d ago

Admin shut this article down please.

I have shown the specs of the refined Playstation 4 there has been no word of Sony or Microsoft and people lile this are providing false information about "next gen"

rainslacker1766d ago

All the rumors are speculation or false. Shut down this article on your reasonings, and we have to shut them all down.

That being said, you don't know what the specs of the new system are any more than anyone else around here, or even these articles. In fact, you don't even know if these new systems exist. You put your faith in it existing, but beyond faith, you have absolutely no substantial proof to back up what you believe to be true.

Beyond that, you have shown in other threads you don't even understand the specs which you supposedly know.

However, I'm sure if I called for the mods to shut down your comments based on such a thing, you'd be quite upset and against the idea.

BossBattle1766d ago

I'm so excited for the newest consoles.

Free_Fro1766d ago

those names are ridiculous . .

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