Nintendo Not Showing NX at E3 Is a Risky But Good Move

Andres from Twinfinite writes, "Nintendo seems to be taking a lot of risks, and that might be a good sign of their confidence in the device. The Wii U released just in the time for the holiday season, and its weak launch line-up could very likely be attributed to the strong possibility that there was a lot of pressure for the console to be released in time for days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Basically, at first glance, it looks like Nintendo is doing the opposite of everything that made the Wii U falter."

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wonderfulmonkeyman2592d ago

Well, it will allow the console to be announced closer to its release date, meaning it won't be giving its hype wave as much time to cool down once it hits.
It's also separating itself from any possible E3 hardware reveals from competitors, meaning it'll have its own spot-light later instead of having to share it at the same convention.
Or, on the opposite side of the coin, Nintendo might know when the other two are planning a big reveal, and might be stalling their own for the sake of a head-on collision in advertisement to show they're willing to try directly competing again.

Either way it'll be an interesting thing to watch.

LOL_WUT2591d ago

I'm sorry but E3 > Nintendo Direct.

If they're really worried about the PS4K and an upgradable X1, why go through all the trouble of announcing it? Didn't they also say we'll be hearing more about the NX at this years E3? Nothing but broken promises ;)

gamerb62590d ago

Everything > Nintendo according to Lol WUT so no surprise there. Lol

Fin_The_Human2590d ago

Leaks really do suck and take the meaning surprise away.

Sony is in the same boat with the Neo... Worst kept secret.

And MS XB1Slim also got leaked.

NickBiazzo12312592d ago

I can't wait to see what the NX is!

Zeldafan642590d ago

I'm thinking it'll be revealed sometime in September.

Lonnie182590d ago

Probably has a vacuum attachment that acts as your controller!

Thatguy-3102592d ago

I fail to see any logical reason on why NX skipping E3 is good -_- NX will be DOA with the new Playstation & Xbox console.

wonderfulmonkeyman2590d ago

Yeah, no.
Not DOA. Not even close, considering those are just minor upgrades while the NX is a whole new system.

Also, waiting to announce it closer to its release date, gives the hype waves less time to cool down before the system releases.
Which will equate to better sales, which will equate to more third parties being interested sooner, which will mean even more sales.

kanaeda112590d ago

Hmm risky but a good move ... So having less exposure to your product is now considered good? Here is another risky but good move -- how bout they don't advertise at all and just release it without telling anyone -- risky but good move right?

truechainz2590d ago

Having exposure for a product that isn't ready to show is worse than not showing anything. Everyone saying this is a bad move isn't considering the fact that Nintendo simply may not be ready to show anything yet for NX and there is nothing left to show other than Zelda for wii u. Their last E3 was really bad and they clearly don't have anything yet to make this one better so better they not try to fill time with people singing mario tunes like last year.

kanaeda112589d ago

Ready to show? The product is set to launch in march, it should have reached production stage at this point in order to meet the demands--- I don't buy that at all. It's not like im asking for a price or anything, I just want to know what it is and what makes it worth my purchase. Nintendo really have a terrible track record when dealing with audience and 3rd party developers, but its not a trait universally to them, japanese based company are so secretive, and don't establishe very good dialogue. Sony learned from there mistakes in approaching the audience and working with 3rd party, and owe much of there current success precisely because they have changed. I'm a fan of all three systems and think they all have something to contribute, but I do feel alittle burned by them with the purchase of wii u and new 3ds. I'll always be there fan, because of there games, but I wonder if they learned anything in how they handled there previous systems.

truechainz2589d ago

Sorry I wasn't clear. By ready to show I meant a solid marketing message. When the wii u released the marketing was terrible and confusing. Honestly if they had taken time to get their messaging in a good place the wii u launch may have gone better (though not to say it could have completely changed their situation). I think they can't be too cautious when it comes to how they will messaging because it has hurt them in the past so they should take all the time they need to make sure there is no confusion and also make sure they can confidently list a full slate of games for it. Seeing as how I think many 3rd party devs have not received kits is a sign that Nintendo is still trying to win some over and didn't have enough to show to make a good E3 on the messaging of the console alone so they are being conservative. Marketing is so important, and I personally believe the PS4 would have a much closer race in sales to the Xbox if Microsoft didn't majorly bomb so much in their reveal of the Xbox One (as well as Sony making every right move to counter every poor marketing decision by Microsoft). I have no stake in the matter because I always buy all the consoles, handhelds and have a PC, but I just encourage people to think of all the possibilities.

Lonnie182590d ago

How is it a good move when your getting less market penetration and exposure?

Zeldafan642590d ago (Edited 2590d ago )

Unless Nintendo slips a check to a lot of people in the gaming media then no matter what they show at e3 there will be a lot of negative articles coming out about them saying their showing was lackluster. So why not do the NX reveal at their own event where all eyes are on them. They'll still get negative publicity from the press but still better exposure. Most of the gaming media has been bought off just like most politicians.

zombiewombie - I never said they'd reveal it in a direct. I meant reveal it at their own LIVE PRESS EVENT. There's one thing I'm sure of, the NX will have quite possibly the best launch line up in history, they'll have something for every preference. For me it's already going to be the best launch ever because it's launching with Zelda.

zombiewombie2590d ago

E3 has all eyes on it. Including the casual market. There are always several news stations reporting on new hardware announcements during the show. That kind of exposure won't happen with a Direct.

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