GamePro Review: Disgaea 3: Absence of Justice

Review by Will Herring:

"Okay, so stop me if you've heard this one before: the young and arrogant Prince of the Netherworld is on a quest to make a name for himself and claim the title of Overlord from his father by any means necessary. Sound familiar?

If you're a fan of the series, it's obvious that Disgaea 3's plot isn't anything that hasn't been offered up by the franchise in previous installments, but the title manages to save itself from becoming a simple rehash of the original through Nippon Ichi's trademark charm and originality, not to mention a slew of new and innovative features both on and off of the battlefield."

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Bombibomb3756d ago

I'm about 12 hours in. Mao cracks me the f*ck up LOL!

Luca Blight3756d ago

Chain mail - Will kill you if you don’t pass it on. Wait-!
Bastard sword - A real jerk at times, but gets the job done
Father's Fist - I’m not angry, I’m just upset. Now come here.
Metal Basher - Not a fan of hard rock, are you?
Discharger - Feels really good when you shoot it
7 year kill - Not bad. But i wish it worked faster
Dragon Buster - Each one is dragon-tested in the factory
Beckdograban - whatever it means, the name sounds strong
Charred Newt - It got better!
Oracle Staff - God wants you to die. He told me so.
Providence - Comes with GPS: Godly Positioning System
Carbon Spear - Carbon and Diamond are the same, right?
Gank - Youth violence is no laughing matter!
Hell Strike - Every hit is a killing blow. Cheater
Broadsword - It's broad! It's a Sword! It's a Broadsword!
Elder Spear - Complain to younger spears
Twin Blaster - Two holes, one bullet. How does that work?
Poor Orphan - I'm're adopted. Now get out
Hell's Gate - We're already on Hell's doorstep!
Envy - That's a nice jacket. Hand it over!
Serial Axe - Snap, crackle, pop! You’re dead.
Nerd Glasses - You look smart, but girls won't kiss you
Sophia's Mirror - Helpful in applying Sophia's make up
Immortal Pill - The pill is immortal, not you.
Bruenack - Used to defeat a mighty Majin last Tuesday.
Gold Bar - Is this a bribe? Of course!
Iron Dress - It’ll even protect your virginity.
Bomb - No sleeping!
Benkei’s Glaive - Useful when guarding bridges.
Metal Suit - Increases your ability to rock by 300%.