Five Awesome PlayStation Franchises I'm Just Not That Into

A prodigal Sony gamer returns to find that not all beloved games are what they’re cracked up to be.

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trywizardo2281d ago

Uncharted and God Of War ?!?! do even playstation ?!

Timesplitter142281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

I actually feel the same about Uncharted and GoW. They're very linear and non-replayable games, so it's understandable they're not for everyone.

And of course since this is N4G, people will automatically assume that not liking a game that happens to be on PS4 means I am secretly making a personal attack on Sony itself while tattooing Bill Gates' face on my forehead.

KionicWarlord2222281d ago

What playstation games do you like then?

Aloy-Boyfriend2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

I've replayed those games a lot, especially Uncharted Multiplayer. With God of War, at least GoW3 is one of those games I have to play at least once a year because it is so epic and memorable

I understand if some people don't like those or none at all, but they are fun games. The only PS franchises I can't get into are Quantic Dream's. Other than those, I love:

Gran Turismo
Little Big Planet
God of War
Sly Cooper
Jak and Daxter
Ratcher and Clank

I could still go on because there's so much variety and awesome franchises in the Playstation portfolio, but that will make a big TL;DL comment.

With such big porfolio, it is obvious PlayStation will have a divided fanbase that would choose one franchise ovmer another. it's called Diversity. I for one love the all except for a couple of them, but overall all franchises are pretty good imo.

Timesplitter142281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )



I almost didn't answer you because I find it borderline insane that someone would go all suspicious on me and my "allegiances" because I said I didn't like some game. Some people do not judge games based solely on whether they're a Sony or MS franchise, you know?

Almost makes me want to lie and say I hate all PS4 games just to see fanboys get mad

Klonoa-dreamtraveler2281d ago

[email protected] Sony fanboys are getting worse and worse on this site.

I used to think Nintendo diehards were pretty bad but now i'm not seeing a difference fanboy's in general are just annoying and bias all together to anyone's opinion.

You don't like what they like all the sudden you're not a gamer you're not a fan you're stealth trolling etc. plus i'm not into GOW either i'm not too big on uncharted either but i'm still getting uncharted 4. I still enjoy the game it's just not a big deal to me as it may be for others. it's ridiculous how people just can't respect that people have different taste.

Automatic792281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

I partially agree with the article.

I never liked

Dragon Quest
Twisted Metal


God of War
Syphon filter

Certain games are not for everyone but having the option of different games helps filter out what you dont like.

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Christopher2281d ago

I agree with those. Uncharted is a good game for the tech, but most third-party games are more entertaining and fun overall. The story isn't bad, but it's not great either. God of War, played the first three, and see no reason to play any other until they decide to move away from the "they made me kill my wife and kids! Everything must die! *stab stab stab*"

Aloy-Boyfriend2281d ago

Killing the Greek gods and the beasts was fun, and it wasn't just for no reason. There's a story there you probably didn't miss. Every game involves some kind of killing. It's a video game.

As for Uncharted, well, not many third party games are overall more fun. That depends because anyone can say COD is more fun. Some comparisons may come as pretty unfair, but I;m glad Uncharted exist and the way ND handles the series makes it a league of its own

Timesplitter142281d ago


Here we have people saying whether they liked a game or not. This is always fine.

What isn't fine, however, is trying to tell someone they were WRONG about not liking a game, and that you know better than them about what they like.

Christopher2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

***There's a story there you probably didn't miss. Every game involves some kind of killing. It's a video game. ***

The story was vengeance. Plain and simple. That's all it was. Kratos just got angry at everyone for anything and killed things. He is a one-dimensional character who just kills and kills and kills.

Saying there's killing in video games doesn't change that most other notable characters in other games have way more character development and evolve beyond just killing for killing.

***not many third party games are overall more fun. ***

Yeah, they are. Uncharted has limited weapon use, almost just the 'base' concepts. It has no form of character growth/development or form of customization that many other games have that allow you to control how you play the game and allow you to focus on the playstyle you like. It has great acting, one-time good story, great one-liners, and great tech, but as far as fun? Far Cry 4, Wolfenstein, Tomb Raider, and more have been a lot more enjoyable and offered more way to play, IMHO. Their stories may not be the same as Uncharted, but their gameplay is definitely more fun and diverse.

shadowknight2032281d ago

4600 trophies, psn lv 23, a mad love for sony, who loves uncharted 1&2, was deeply disappointed with uncharted 3's story. But other then that I find it hard for anyone to not like uncharted, it has memorable characters, good gameplay, fantastic cinematics/set pieces.

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Eidolon2281d ago (Edited 2281d ago )

Those are the namesake of Playsation, but I can see where he's coming from. He liked Resident Evil and Final Fantasy, but I wonder what he plays now..

gangsta_red2281d ago

The first two Disgaea games were awesome and funny as hell. After that though I did lose interest in the series. I did want to go back to the Laharl sequel but never got a chance to.

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