Call of Duty Modern Warfare Trilogy Spotted On Amazon

With the second day of Call Of Duty leaks, Comes an other retail leak for the Modern Warfare Remaster. Today a place holder for Call Of Duty Modern Warfare Trilogy was found on Amazon UK.

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eddieistheillest999d ago

I hope they are all remasters and for ps4 . Xbox one too .

ObnoxiousGamer999d ago

More than likely it will be for Pc, Ps4 and Xbox One.

ginsunuva998d ago

No it's NX exclusive obviously

Oschino1907998d ago

Well they have to cater to their largest community first and foremost and Nintendo is where it's at.

magiciandude998d ago

Day 1 for me if this is a collection for PS4/Xbox One.

PoSTedUP998d ago

this is the only way theyll get my money. i really liked 4:MW and MW3. blackops1 too. and all the older ones.

Heyxyz998d ago

Oooh, the plot thickens!

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Summons75998d ago

We do we need a remaster when they remake the same game every single year? Also how did this go from just MW remastered to being included in Infinite Warfare to now being a trilogy remaster collection?

Skate-AK998d ago

MW 1&2 has he biggest upgrade in gameplay so it makes sense. They started reskining the game after that.
Also with the MW preorder thing you probably get that free for buying IW but they are going to sell all three on disc for $60.

PoSTedUP998d ago (Edited 998d ago )

im pretty sure MW3 was nothing like MW2. the AK sounded like a staple gun in MW2, they took away annoying cheesy perks like comando pro and the nukes in MW3. and added a settings/killstreaks for ppl who dont like/use airstrikes and attack-coptors etc. where it gave you more perks instead. mW2 was a jumbled mess imo. it had so much: third person view?? what Was That! MW3 was more balanced and you can tell by how MW2 turned out that there were conflicting opinions in the dev studios. thus leading to the departure.

RioKing997d ago (Edited 997d ago )

I agree with PoSTedUP. They just tried doing too much with MW2 imo. It was a fun game to still play, but it was too unbalanced.

bennissimo997d ago


The break with Acti was over the fact that Bobby K tried to screw the devs out of their well-deserved share of MW2's profits. The fact that he wanted them to make MW games forever didn't help, either. There was no strife between the devs, only between IW and their publisher.

Dirtnapstor998d ago (Edited 998d ago )

MW 1&2 had the best MP. Less is more... None of this over the top rediculousness COD MP has become.
Remastered MW1-3 for the complete story, and the MP from MW1&2 only would be perfect.

EmperorDalek998d ago

What? MW3's multiplayer was way better than MW2's. It took all the chaoticness of 2 and made it balanced. Maps were a bit bland but the balance made it more fun.

Deadpooled998d ago


The disagrees speak for themselves

BEASELY998d ago (Edited 998d ago )

CoD4 doesn't need to be touched balance wise, but I think certain things from MW2 need to be looked at. MW2 was by far the most "OP," Call of Duty, a straight up power fantasy where everything was extremely strong. I understand it's a delicate dance to try tweaking things like that, as that is what is special about the game, but One Man Army cheesing and Harrier Strike/ Chopper Gunner combo were a tad much. Maybe decrease the duration of each of those kill streaks. Keep the power, cut the time.

Oschino1907998d ago (Edited 998d ago )

@ emperordalek

I agree, don't listen to these people overwhelmed with nostalgia. I put over 2000hrs into the modern warfare series and mw2 was the biggest cluster fudge of them all by far.

Mw3 is what mw2 should have been imo.

cyberwaffles998d ago


With that logic the Wii was a good console then huh? He's right, MW2 was shit. MW3 was way better than MW2. People just like to play popularity contest rather than being objective.

PoSTedUP998d ago (Edited 998d ago )

there was nothing balanced or less about MW2. it was a hot mess.

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victorMaje998d ago

Hopefully true & hopefully they do it right!

AfroGear998d ago (Edited 998d ago )

I am glad to hear about this and hope this remaster is real. I got all 1000G on Xbox 360 and now that I am mostly a PlayStation gamer, that is one game I wanted to replay with Trophies. I loved MW1, it was my favorite COD, second only to COD2. Can we GET Call of Duty 2 on current gen?! lol with the dislikes. Not liking this doesn't magically give MW1 trophies on PS3.

Majin-vegeta998d ago

Sadly MW1 never got trophies :/.

brandonb21998d ago

trophies came out when GTA 4 came out. that was like 2 years after mw1

TheUndertaker85998d ago

Why not? They all have achievements...

Majin-vegeta998d ago


Trophies didnt appear until 2oo8 I believe a year after MW1 came out.

TheUndertaker85998d ago (Edited 998d ago )

GTA IV also released before trophies then got a later trophy patch. Metal Gear Solid 4 also comes to mind. Burnout Paradise also did.

This is the pre-release info for PS3 firmware 2.40. Listed in the blog post is numerous titles that received trophy support after they launched.

Devs have also stated transferring achievements to trophies is pretty simple as a list already exists. It's just a matter of adding a platinum.

Oschino1907998d ago (Edited 998d ago )


Gta4 (April 2008) came out like 6 months after Mw1 (November 2007) and trophies came out months later in early 2009 I believe.

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