Leipzig EA Press Conference: FIFA 09

Whilst PES fans' disappointment continues to go on for another year with Konami's PES2009 leaving many unimpressed; EA on the other side of the coin have pushed FIFA 09 as the "next-gen" football game to get with this video conference detailing the new features and additions for their famous franchise.

Additions Include:

* PS3 Exclusive Video Uploading service

* Comprehensive Custom Tactics, manageable through the D-Pad for both Offline & Online matches.

* 10 v 10 Online Servers

* Be A Pro Mode enriched

* Improved Animation system, Collision system etc

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nifty_baby3729d ago

looks good but it cant match the gameplay of pes

Wotbot3729d ago

agree. PES holds the gameplay.

Credit to EA for what they are trying to do. Looks really exciting and I would love to see Fifa create the gameplay PES does, with all those extra features.

Meus Renaissance3729d ago

It's rumoured to have MATCHED it and improved it from those who have previewed the game. Just download the demo and judge