Modern Warfare Remastered is More Exciting than Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

With a remaster of Modern Warfare to ship with Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, will players be more excited to play the iconic hit or the new shooter?

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WeAreLegion1000d ago

Yes. It's not any more complicated than that. Just...yes.

_-EDMIX-_1000d ago

Pretty much.

So they telling me that when I buy COD4, I get this new COD game as some add on?

I mean...sure I might play it......maybe, but we there for COD4 REMASTER!

Testfire999d ago (Edited 999d ago )

I rarely play mp games anymore but this would be the one to get me back. As long as it would stay true to its roots I'm in, start adding all the bs killstreaks and perks that have been plaguing the series for years now and I'm out.

And the maps, make the maps where snipers and run and gunners can both thrive. Everything now only caters to run and gunners. Nothing more satisfying than holing up as a sniper and cleaning house, or conversely being a run and gunner and finding said sniper and taking him out.

pompombrum999d ago

Honestly when I first heard the term "Infinite Warfare" and combined with the MW remaster rumours, I actually thought that maybe it was the MW trilogy recreated and under a new slightly cooler sounding name than remaster or trilogy. it's obvious after Ghosts that IW is a shadow of it's former self, it would have made so much sense to just get them to recreate the good COD games because as of right now, I have zero interest in anything they do. Doing a trilogy of the good games would always eclipse whatever COD game was due out that year so why not just make it the yearly COD game and who better than to get whatever is left of IW to do it?

trenso11000d ago

I agree the last COD I bought was Black ops. I would buy this new one just for COD4, as long as it still had multiplayer.

cyberwaffles1000d ago

The leaked image states that online connection is required for the MW remaster. Seems like its hinting at having online MP which we all know is the staple to the series.

khinter999d ago

Online connection required is because it is a direct download of the game. But, I do hope it has MP!

Deadpooled999d ago (Edited 999d ago )

If this is true I would love to see the online player count difference between the new space one and this. I for one would play this remaster over the new jetpack jumpy loopy kiddie one.

Parasyte999d ago

I wouldn't get too excited about the CoD4 remaster having multiplayer. It is probably just a digital download of the campaign from MW. It wouldn't make any sense for IW to release a remaster of CoD4 with functioning multiplayer, which they know everyone and their dog would play, and take away from the multiplayer of the new game they have just released.

GMW1000d ago

I'm more excited about the remaster!! Lol!

scark921000d ago

I agree, give me COD4, i do not care for anymore Call of Duty additions! I want to get to 10th prestige again!

RiseofScorpio1000d ago

You are mistaken if you think they're gonna put the MP in and cannibalise the new game's population.

BlackTar1871000d ago

wailuigi is probably right which just means it's another COD i won't be playing.


Khaotic999d ago

Don't be a fool, they don't care which one you play online as long as you are paying your 60 dollars annually and playing a cod game

Jmanzare999d ago

They probably care which one you play because the new advanced warfare is most likely going to have micro transactions that they want you to buy

hangdang1000d ago (Edited 1000d ago )

You guys should have just bought a PC and you never would have had to stop playing COD4 in the first place

Tankbusta401000d ago (Edited 1000d ago )

#ThanksObligatoryPCMasterRaceB ro

Deadpooled999d ago

The online is still very active on MW and MW2 for the ps3 and 360, tbf the MW online is packed full of modders, prestige hacks and aimbots while the MW2 doesn't have as much from what I've experienced (such servers mostly appear when playing at night)

WackoDaSniper1000d ago

Cod 4 on PC is full of modders

Vegamyster1000d ago

I spent years playing Cod 4 on both 360 & PC, was a mod on a few servers that would ban hackers on PC. 360 version and other older ones like [email protected] ended up getting plagued with cheaters & modded servers that you couldn't avoid, on PC if you want a low gravity, promod, Starwars, zombies or just regular server you had the option due to a dedicated server list.

_-EDMIX-_1000d ago

LOL! Agreed. That is why I want the remaster. I own it on PC and PS3 and would rather have a remaster with issues fixed.

cyberwaffles1000d ago (Edited 1000d ago )

Even on console its unplayable. I played MW on the 360 a few years ago and I couldn't believe how many hackers were on that game. It was like IW didn't even care anymore about the community.

meche3341000d ago

Find a server that has ban systems

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NarooN1000d ago

Most servers on PC aren't even vanilla, many are cracked servers or have retarded mods installed on them. But a lot of people still play lol.

1000d ago
Khaotic999d ago

PC is the crappiest place to play competitive cod games

hangdang999d ago

Which is a bummer considering how good COD1 and COD2 were. Most people who play FPS competitively on PC are probably playing other games, though

kevnb999d ago (Edited 999d ago )

There's a lot less racist kids. But it is easier to get lots of kills on console lol.

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Tankbusta401000d ago

Of course it is, its a shame we have to buy Infinity to play this, but they know that and are dangling COD4 at us so we boost infinity's sales

PurpHerbison1000d ago

I don't care how good COD4 is, if I can't purchase it separately I won't.

cyberwaffles1000d ago (Edited 1000d ago )


They also know that COD4 is currently unplayable on console. Why ban all the hackers/modders when they can just make a remaster and profit like crazy? Its all business to them.

Supraman21999d ago

Infinity ward is better than Treyarch. All black ops games are trash in comparison due to all the bullshit they add to perks and killstreaks. They catered to the teeny boppers and dumbed down the game.

spicelicka999d ago

Infinity ward is not the same as when COD 4 came out. They made Ghosts, worst COD ever made. Now they're making Ghosts 2...