Memorable Music in Gaming #25

Chalgyr's Game Room writes:

It is hard to believe we have done twenty five of these articles so far, but here we are. Given the recent release of the popular game Dark Souls III, I thought we would make this edition of Memorable Music in Gaming all about the Soulsborne (as Chris calls them) games. Let's go ahead and tackle these from newest to oldest.

Dark Souls III - Abyss Watchers

Something about this song just grabbed onto me as soon as I heard it. The action is incredibly frantic in this fight as you have to manage attacks from multiple sides. The dark interior, littered with rubble and accented by the flickering orange candles in the background. The music itself, starting with slow tones and a ringing bell set the stage for a hauntingly beautiful song that stuck with me longer after the fight itself had concluded.

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kraenk12957d ago

There is nothing better than the Turrican Soundtrack by Chris Huelsbeck.