When is this year's Call of Duty being announced?

It's Call of Duty time - or at least it should be fairly soon if previous games are anything to go by. If Activision sticks to tradition we could see the new Call of Duty announced at some point over the next couple of weeks, with recent games in the series having typically been revealed on May 1.

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ritchi45909d ago

Doesn't the article kind of answer it's own headline question?

pompombrum909d ago

Please hurry up Activision, the anticipation for a Ghosts sequel is absolutely killing me - said no gamer ever. Probably should reserve judgement for when they actually announce it but Ghosts was easily the worst COD game (mp wise) I've ever played.

Trolltroll909d ago

Well it was the only one they put on Wii U so I bougt it. There where 500 people online that day. Dat wii mote controls though.

iTechHeads908d ago

A sequel to MW3 is more likely. Either a Modern Warfare 4 or a Future Warfare.

Relientk77909d ago

May-June and Sony will show it off at their E3 conference because of their Activision deal.

RosweeSon909d ago

Same time as last year coming out the same month as the last time for however many years now... Zzzzz. ZZZZ.

TheArkatek909d ago (Edited 909d ago )

Who really cares ? It's a mindless twitch shooter with no substance or teamwork. Last good COD was Black Ops II

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