Why the DOOM Beta Is Getting Downvoted to Hell

Too many classic franchises have come back, only to be pale shadows of their former selves with all that made them great ripped out. Amy at IGCritic states that "I think many of us jumped into the DOOM multiplayer open beta, either on PC or console, hoping to have these worries assuaged."

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Fishermenofwar1095d ago

If I wanted to play a last gen Shooter...I would buy UT3...This game does nothing for me...Maybe the actual game will be good...The multiplayer sucks...My opinion

Gol3m1095d ago

Yet I'll bet you love halo 5 and gears 4. Pathetic

Fishermenofwar1095d ago

Actually I don't....I don't even have an Xbox.....Way to jump off a cliff.......Douche

GrimDragon1095d ago

Dam this is extremely disappointing. Maybe they can fix these gripes since it is beta.

Sokol1095d ago (Edited 1095d ago )

Slapping Call of Duty and Halo gameplay into the Arena shooter isn't going to be positive when it comes to Doom. Not to mention horrible weapon balance.

I lasted few hours before realizing single player is the only saving grace I will keep my eye on since I loved the previous games and original Doom was my first FPS game I have fond memories off.

superchiller1095d ago (Edited 1095d ago )

Unfortunately, it looks like they are putting almost no effort into the single player content for this game; all DLC so far is MP only, and of course the beta is MP only as well. Where is the classic Doom single player content? I was initially excited about this remake, but after seeing that it is mainly a multiplayer game, I'm just going to pass on it.

Kreisen1095d ago

Becouse it borrows so heavily from franchises that weve been getting for over a decade and as a result it feels OLD. If i want to play Halo or COD ill play those games, i wont buy this shitty hybrid.

slate911095d ago

The multiplayer just didnt feel like a "DOOM" multiplayer. I need more. More action, need npc demons running around killing both teams, need more blood, need more players. When i think of DOOM, I just think of over-the-top mayhem. And this multiplayer demo did not do that for me.

Eldyraen1095d ago

Mods will make it more like Doom unfortunately but we need to know when they're coming.

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