First Jagged Alliance DS Screenshots

Jagged Alliance DS was officially announced today. Along with the announcement came seven brand new screens of the TBA 2009 title.

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Kappa Mikey3797d ago

interesting? what is this game about...

kwicksandz3797d ago

Jagged alliance is a action point based strategy game similar to fallout tactics.

mirroredderorrim3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )


Edit: Google will shed the light.

Edit: My findings explained that the game has been PC and there are 7/8 games so far, with the DS being the 9 or so. Wikipedia isn't the best place for info, but it's quick and easily corrected.

A movie based on this game is being made or at least in the production phase?

floatingworld3796d ago

All of that is correct. It's pretty recognizable if you're into PC gaming.