Wired Review: Too Human More Potential Than Payoff

Wired Writes:

I don't love it. There isn't a single facet of this Xbox 360 action role-playing game that couldn't be significantly improved upon: The story premise is clever, but it doesn't go anywhere. The combination of futuristic gunplay and RPG character-building is interesting, but not as satisfying as it should be. And when it all comes to a crashing halt and ends long before its time, it's disappointing -- but the fact that I was disappointed means I had to have been enjoying myself.

It's difficult to separate Too Human the videogame from the years of controversy surrounding it. Too Human shipped out last Tuesday after years of delays and hype from its developer Silicon Knights; for better or worse, it's become a potent example of what can happen in the videogame business when a product is promoted excessively before its release date. When a downloadable demo was released in July, it set a first-week record for an action game demo on Xbox 360, showing that fans, at long last, just wanted to find out for themselves.

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kingme713757d ago

It's been an interesting few weeks for the soap opera that is Too Human. You have the reviews that have been generally average. You have the fans that are defending it tooth and nail (led by Kevin Pereira). You have the anti-Too Human contingency. Somewhere in there you have a very talkative President of SK.

I'll bet Too Human will be one of the most rented games to come out for some time.

Mr_Bun3757d ago

I agree...I think a lot of people are going to rent it, if they haven't decided after playing the demo. I am curious to find out how many people are buying it though.

3757d ago

I bought and love it. so did 5 of my close friends. it's a "fun as hell" game

@1.2 Bio engineer is a good call

deeznuts3757d ago

The games fun. It isn't perfect, it isn't great. But it's just fun. I've played the other "flops" as well, and those were not fun.

This is coming from a guy who now owns both consoles, but preferred PS3 just a tad bit more.

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Rich16313757d ago

I am not interested in this game at all (hate RPG), but the reviews are all over the place!!! 3's, 5's, 6's, 7's, and 8's. I mean WTF!

3757d ago
Rich16313757d ago

I may give it a shot then. I was thinking about renting either this or Mercenaries.

deeznuts3757d ago

"Oh no you didn't!"

Damn commercial got that song stuck in my head.

PS3n3603757d ago

This isnt AAA but its a better game than alot of other sh1t titles out there. I played Conan demo and Too Human demo last night Conan sucked balls but Too Human was intriguing and fun to play. Not every game is going to make everyone happy. this game is a solid 7.5 for me, not a must buy (I am a cheap fukr) but as someone said above a definite renter or used buy.

Kratos Spartan3757d ago

This game reminds me of a freshly caught fish, it just won't quit flopping

Zerodin3757d ago

Haze, Lair, Heavenly Sword...need I go on?

Mr Bot3757d ago

think that Too human is not a FLOP, because its a 360 exclusive, u driods just have to give it a try and u will see what am talking about!! please buy the game!! we the bots r begging droids to buy this game and stop their attacks on the 360 and this FLOP game because this is our last hope until november!!
we bots think all PS3 exclusives r FLOPS and u should believe us because MS told us so!!

besides we have only 2 FLOPS this year
1: ninja gayden 2
2: Too Human

and the droids have only one flop this year
1: Haze

so u see we r still the winner hahahahaha!!

Mr Bot

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The story is too old to be commented.