Final Fantasy VI is the Best Final Fantasy

Gamemoir’s Nick D. makes a case for Final Fantasy VI being the pinnacle of the series in this sixth segment of a 14 part feature “Every Final Fantasy is the Best Final Fantasy“.

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VivaChe1653d ago

My personal fave is Final Fantasy XIII.

bouzebbal1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

i put this for you. i KNOW you forgot it.

OT: I don't know how people can easily choose their favorite FF among many amazing episodes. I do not have a favorite because each single one of them (regardless 13 and all spin offs) has something special and better than the other ones.
I love FF9 for the heroic fantasy atmosphere, FF7 for the story, characters and combat, FF12 for the freedom etc... etc...

VivaChe1652d ago

Ok I admit i was just trolling haha

Themba761653d ago

i totally agree best ff ever

PoSTedUP1653d ago

from thes ones ive played i like X the best. ive only played 1,2,7,9,10&12.

NukaCola1653d ago

FF VI is awesome, but it seemed to jump to the #1 spot upon all the hate for VII which was everyone's favorite for years upon years. I don't know if it's a hipster trend but regardless. I think FF IV has the best story and most solid gameplay. FF VI is awesome on a lot of fronts with it's story and battle design as well. For me FFX marked the downfall of the series and it's linear design bridged the future of decline. FFXIII was terrible (I do hear the sequels are better). If I could pick a top 3 I would say I liked VI, VII, and then VI. But honestly all the NES/SNES/PS1 titles are excellent. FFX is great, XII is pretty decent but a little outside the normal formula.

As this is not in the main line, I have to say FF Chrystal Chronicles on Gamecube is on the best FF games as well. Everything from the combat, to co-op to story, to characters and level design is just pure fun. I wish there were more asymmetrical co-op crawlers like this one. They seem to be a dying breed of fun that my wife and I can enjoy together.

Taco_Waffle1653d ago

I've played I thru XIII and VI is my favorite of the group.

Geobros1653d ago

I totally agree with you! I've played thru XII though, I never tried XIII and i am not going to try it in the future. IV is just an epic game. V and VI were great too. From 3D FF, I liked the innovation of X.

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The story is too old to be commented.