Ratchet & Clank v Jak & Daxter v Sly Cooper: Which Is the Best Series?

Ratchet and Clank, Sly Cooper, and Jak and Daxter ruled the roost back in the PS2 days. But how do they fare going up against each other?

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DARKKENT1572d ago

Jak for me

But all three are great series

GigawattConduit1572d ago

I would kill someone for that Jak and Daxter reboot. Going off the concept art, it woulda looked gorgeous as hell.

naruga1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

while Jak &Daxter 1 is by far the best game overall (reminiscent of original Crash games) ,the others Jak entries not so much ...instead R&C it kept its quality and its gameplay/atmosphere/feeling intact along the multiple entries and i consieder it the best series ...Sly cooper imo needs abit more work to reach the others (especially in its art direction)

GigawattConduit1572d ago

Honestly, I played the sequels before the original Jak, and I like them much more than the original. It just...doesn't appeal to me like the other two do.

bouzebbal1572d ago

I Love all 3 but I do prefer Sly games.

Outside_ofthe_Box1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

Jak and Dax for me.

The third one if my favorite. Like gigawatt, I played 2 and 3 before I played the first Jak, so that could be the reason why I prefer both over the first.

As for the reboot... I rather ND leave Jak and Dax alone if they're gonna go that route. I still really really want another Jak game though. I can only imagine what ND could do with a open world Jak and Dax game on the PS4.

InactiveUser1572d ago (Edited 1572d ago )

I never got into Sly.. it always seemed too kiddie to me. Whether it is or not, that's the vibe I always felt, so I never bought a Sly game. I played a demo a while back, that's it.

Jak always pissed me off how you had to physically touch the drops/collectables instead of being within range and them gravitating or magnetizing to the player like in R&C. I did play some Jak though and thought there were some good parts, but I don't remember finishing any. I just remember turning at a pickup, thinking I was close enough and ready to move onto my next target/objective, but missing it and having to turn around again to get it. I got so mad a bunch of times, like why the hell don't they just gravitate to you like in R&C.

Therefore, I've always preferred R&C. I've liked the graphics, gameplay, characters, story, comedy, etc. Like others have said, besides a couple offshoots that were stinkers, they've been consistently good.

badz1491543d ago

R&C here all the way and Sly 2nd! the dark path J&D went with the 3rd really killed it for me and I still have a hard time pushing myself to finish it eventhough I got the HD collection during launch. I tried, but...I don't know. Dexter PSP game on the other hand was down right AMAZING! really love it!

really wish Sony would have let Sanzaru finished their vision of the Sly series and give him and the gang more chances like they did with R&C! it has only been 4 games and although another studio took over the for the 4th, the soul of the series is still in tact with fresher gameplay mechanics with the costumes. and most of you guys here are right! the ending of Thief in Time really left me wanting more! come on Sony...I hope they don't just leave it there!

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-Foxtrot1572d ago

Always Jak

The guy didn't even speak a word in the first game and I always found it better then Ratchet and Clank.

Antnee5341572d ago

I almost would love if naughty dog asked insomniac to do a remake/reimangining for jak and Daxter like they did with the new ratchet and clank

suli123451571d ago

Thats blasphemy my friend

Antnee5341571d ago


I agree but if its the only way to get a new jak and Daxter I'm down with it

Relientk771572d ago

I like all 3 but personally Ratchet & Clank is my favorite

jaymacx1572d ago

Same... R&C overall is the best platformer on Sony Playstation

Antnee5341570d ago

What about early crash ?

ninsigma1572d ago

Jak and Daxter for me. Loved that series. That franchise is in my top 5 of all time. Ratchet and clank would be next. I didn't play sly cooper back on ps2 or ps3. I got the trilogy on vita and it's good but no where near as good as the other two I thought.

PhoenixUp1572d ago

I liked Jak & Daxter the best.

However it is great we got HD collections of all these great franchises last gen.

Lionalliance1572d ago

Specially for me Sly Cooper.

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