DOOM Feels Old, Not Nostalgic

DOOM certainly harkens back to the general era of multiplayer arena shooters, but all the same, it doesn’t feel much like “DOOM.” You’ll run around collecting ammo, health and shield. There are temporary “quad damage” boosts. There are jump pads. It’s feels kinda like old DOOM, sure, but that’s really because it’s pulling from other games of the time like Quake and Unreal Tournament. Honestly, it feels more like a bad mashup than a proper DOOM game as a result.

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CorndogBurglar1094d ago

I would agree that the multiplayer was boring as hell. But I never played the Doom games for MP. I play them for single player. I'm sure the campaign will be great.

Psychotica1094d ago

From what I saw it made me think of Unreal Tournament which I used to love. However that was so long ago and my tastes have changed. It just looked boring, I didn't even bother downloading the beta.

Kurt Russell1094d ago

I had a good time playing it. It played as I expected.