Quantum Break Review - Angry Joe Show

AngryJoe & OtherJoe review Quantum Break the Xbox One System Exclusive that combines a Third Person Action Shooter with a Television show that can effect each other.

TwoForce2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Well then. That's some very interesting review. Angry Joe maybe not game critics, but he has his voice opinion. Quantum Break is a good game for sure, but noting original about it. Time power has been use many time. the timesplitters series was also about time travel, but the reason the story of that game was so good because it has comedy, mature story and great gameplay. i don't want to say this but this is one weakest remedy game ever made.

Aloy-Boyfriend2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

With some of the things Joe mentioned like no hip fire and not cover shooting, how does anyone even dare to compare this to Uncharted?

Game's got a intereting concept going on, but it seriously needed more work and better design choices


Yeah right!
That's not really what I've seen so far but Ok if you say so

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-Foxtrot2780d ago

Does all those things better then Uncharted...lol...no

sammarshall1022780d ago

It's not a cover shooter lol

And I agree with GetOutTheWay the graphics, story, gameplay mechanics, level design, the puzzles (adds great addition to the overall game) are on another level

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TFJWM2780d ago

@sammarshall102 "are on another level"

Ya a lower level...

xHeavYx2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

@make my eyes
Are you comparing QB to a game that launched almost 10 years ago?
How is that a fair comparison?

rainslacker2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

To me, the cover system was the time elements. Adding in an actual cover system would have made those elements all but useless half the time.

Overall this was a fairly good review, but think he downplayed the game play a bit too much. It was pretty good overall, and think he was too critical of it over the lack of cover system, and possibly hip firing...although felt he had a point with the latter. I feel he was on point with almost everything he said about the TV show portion though.

KiwiViper852780d ago

Everyone knows I'm an Xbox supporter right?

The defense of this game has got to stop!

Its an average game in every way... stop blowing smoke up the asses of Remedy and Microsoft.

If you make them think this is what we want, then that's exactly what they continue to give us.

Its the shallowest game I've played in a long time... I wanted it to be great, I really did. I wanted it to be the game that made PS4 fans jealous, I wanted it to be better than Uncharted, but its not...

Continuing to champion this hollow game is going to make us look even stupider once UC4 releases.

Cut it out

Bathyj2780d ago

Thats mighty big of you to admit that Kiwi, nd while I think of you as an Xbox fan, I will never think of you as an Xbox FANBOY again.

The problem with these fanboys is theyre just too gushing. Its always the best thing ever. Its never just good or great. I'm sorry but I cant trust anyone who lives on any extreme. I cant believe a 10, any more than I can believe a 1 when I think its somewhere in between.

Where in between? I dont know, I havent played it. I wanted to, I still do, but I no longer think this is a game worth buying a console for.

The game has legitimate gripes which the defenders are trying so hard to convince people dont exist. At least acknowledge some of these short comings and maybe I can take their opinion as their HONEST opinion, not just trying to convince others of something that isnt true.

Good post mate, and Happy ANZAC Day next week.

GameNameFame2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

@GetOut , Sammar, Pumper, Makemyeyesrain

You make it obvious that it is just same guy with 3 different accounts.

Lets not compare mid 70 meta game against mid 90 metascore game.

KiwiViper852780d ago


And to you too.

Another thing I just thought about, if I had to compare this game to another game this gen, it would be Murdered: Soul Suspect.

Seriously, they are so similar its not even funny.

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rainslacker2780d ago

@Kiwi & Bath

For me, I think the game play overall was good enough I can see why people might "defend" that...or rather, at least see why it's good. It had it's uniqueness in a way, that wasn't as bad as some make it out to be.

But this praise for the TV show's quality is just rather weak. The show itself was not that great, was fairly predictable, and filled with every cliche in the book. The acting was decent enough, but it was far from quality TV standards, and more akin to something you'd see in mid-afternoon melodrama. I think this review hit on every point that I felt about it and couldn't really put my finger on. I wanted to like it, and tried to get into it, but found it rather tedious, and to be 100% honest, the formula itself is not something I'd want to see explored in other games even if they ramp up the quality, story, and production value. I feel putting things like this into cut scenes, more integrated into the story to both show immediate results, and eventual long term consequences, like in Until Dawn for instance, is much more impactful, and would give me more desire to replay the game. As it is now, I have no desire to make different choices to see minimal differences in a 20 odd minute cut scene, and to me, that's why the TV portion just is out of place for the medium.

DLConspiracy2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

I'm wondering if there are people in the comments section who have played the game. :)

ShadowKnight2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

This review is so hilarious. It's to funny to watch

Bathyj2780d ago

My issue with the game/Tv Show thing is.. I love playing games. I love watching TV shows. TV these days is even better than movies. Big budget, high production values, high concepts. And sometimes I will play games for an hour, switch off, watch an episode or two of TV, and go back and forth like that all day.

What I dont want is sitting down and wanting to play a game, and then the game tells me, no, its time to watch TV for 20 minutes. Or vice versa. I would find it very annoying to be in the thick of the action and really getting into it, and then having to take a 20 minute break. A cinematic is fine, it breaks the action up nicely and gives you a little chance to breathe. 20 minutes is taking something that was almost at boiling point and then taking it off the stove to cool down.

On the flip side, I dont really watch TV one episode at a time either. I watch 3 or 4 back to back. If the show is at all interesting I would want to keep watching, not have a show tell me it was time to play a game. If the show really had you engaged and then you had to stop to shoot guys, I would start to resent the gameplay.

Seriously, no one else has this issue?

It brings me to another point. Is the show side of it actually good? Would anyone watch this if the game wasnt carrying it along? Would you buy the Bluray when the whole season was done? I havent seen it, but somehow I doubt it. It doesnt seem like A grade TV which is what we are all used to now days. FMV in games has always come off as B grade. Theres just something not right about it. If wouldnt watch it as a stand alone show, I dont really want to sit there for 20 minutes and watch it when I could be playing a game, or watching a short cinematic.

Then I have to ask, is the gameplay good enough without the show? It seems fun to me. It has some gripes no doubt, having to stand out of cover to shoot for one is a big no no. Also it looks like a lot of the effects are overused to hide some of the games graphical shortcomings, but I dont care that much about that. The game still looks fun. Not every game has to be the BEST GRAFIX EVA for me to enjoy it. But I feel maybe the padding of the show has dragged the average down. The game might have been better off without it. I cant say that definitively having not played it. Im going off what Ive seen, read and heard. But its definitely a vibe Im getting. Maybe Remedy just had a few ideas too many and didnt execute them well. Sometimes its better to keep things simple.

Oh well, still hope to play it one day, just not the system seller (for me) that I was hoping it was going to be.

Kingthrash3602780d ago

Lol wow...I said it all along...the order ripped in half for its gunplay bad ai and liner levels. Qb get praised for the same thing.
This is why I like and respect joe, he points out stuff other reviewers dont. Good and bad. Play through it myself I totally agree with him. Like having to have to stream or download cutscenes...I was wondering why No one mentioned it...of the bad ai....anytime you leave a game for 10 minutes while in the open view of an enemy and the enemy fails to kill you there is a major AI problem.
Glad too see the game get a true review. A 78 on meta it too high.
Also this game can't compare to uncharted. Why are we comparing them?...just why?
This game couldn't hold a candle to the worst uncharted game.

DARKKENT2780d ago Show
DARKKENT2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

Right I have just watched this review.. I urge everyone to watch this review.. It may be 30min but you will laugh at how bad this game is,he doesn't just tell you he SHOWS you so you can see for yourself.

Watching this review was like I had powers because this review made me go back in time remembering all the stuff that annoyed me!! Lazy lazy design and glaring mistakes that leave you scratching your head.

Seriously flawed game, sunset overdrive hell even ryse is much better.

starchild2780d ago


I don't care if you're an Xbox fanboy, a Playstation fanboy, or any other kind of fanboy--I'm sick of being told what to think.

You are no more justified in your opinion of it being a mediocre game than I am in my opinion of it being a great game. I'm sure there are plenty of games you think are great that I think are mediocre. The difference is, I'm not in articles about those games telling people things like "it's mediocre, get over it" or "stop trying to defend this game".

Basically what you're saying is that those of us that liked it have to give up our opionions, shut up, and adopt the opinions of those that didn't like it. What a load of crap.

nix2780d ago

Joe gave 4/10 to Order which i liked so I'm guessing ppl are still going to like QB.

I mean he's a nice likable guy and all but I'll take him seriously only when he finishes one of the Soul series or Bloodborne. He's such a "let me play this game and look stoopid" when it comes to playing a Soul or Bloodborne game.

bouzebbal2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

after watching this (most of this) review, I have no idea how people keep talking about this game.
It doesn't look bad, but just very average. And that was actually my first impression when they showed the first gameplay video.
I really liked the first e3 reveal trailer 2 years ago, but the game clearly didn't live up to its expectation by Remedy and MS making false ad about this game..

I just hope AJ reviews Uncharted 4, just for comparison sake, but seeing his TLoU review, i think i have an idea about the outcome of the U4 review.

lmao at the TV stuff in the game.. and people dare to say Heavy Rain is boring? The Order is boring? MGS4 is boring? You guys should all be playing Mario.

LastcenuryRob2780d ago

"How does anyone dare to compare this game to Uncharted".... Should it be a crime or something? Wow, some of you need lives.

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rainslacker2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )


"It brings me to another point. Is the show side of it actually good? Would anyone watch this if the game wasnt carrying it along?"

To this, I'd say that I wouldn't likely watch past the first episode if it were a stand alone TV show. It didn't really grab you the way a TV show should. It relied on a single premise, that wasn't really well thought out for a TV show idea. The TV portions relied on the game to be relevant, and if one were just watching the shows, it would lack almost all depth of meaning and context. Much of this depth and context was within the game, for what time I spent looking for it, but it was tedious to find and actually required the player to go looking for it in many cases.

The character development was not up to par with any TV show, and while that isn't atypical for a first season of a TV show which is just finding it's legs, it was rather cliche, and as I said, predictable enough to make me think there just wasn't a lot of depth there to work with. The premise was sound, and there was potential, but it fell flat in actual execution.

Angry Joe said the villians stood out, and while that is often true, what I felt is that they were the only reason to actually watch, because their performances were actually pretty good...kind of like how some people steal the show. You have top grade actors against B-List actors, and that's just going to happen, and sadly, I think the top listers weren't even trying that hard to stand out, but still did....so take that for what it's worth.

While I'd hate to tell someone they're wrong for enjoying it, I can't really fathom why they would consider it high quality. Production value was OK enough for a mid-range budget TV show, acting was decent, but nothing that really stood out as exceptional both in story and character development, which makes me wonder what kind of standards people have to consider the TV portions good story telling.

bouzebbal2780d ago

To me this game is X1's Killzone Shadow Fall.
That game was such a let down because my expectations were over the roof after 2 amazing PS3 episodes, but never lived up to them... and it had bullet time too.

glassgannon9092780d ago

people like to call uc flash over substance, its weird you know, watch ANY 10-15 minute gameplay video of any game in the series.Its sets up characters and story better than most rpgs can these days in a 100 hours.theyre flawlessly paced, acted and scripted and all the haters see are qte for some reason.
yes, theyre pretty but if pretty graphics was all it took to make a game so loved , crytek wouldnt be on the verge of bankruptcy .
and i agree with OP, it looks like theyre weakest effort so far.im a remedy fan so ill play it once its fixed on pc, but its easy to tell that alan wake had more passion and soul in it than this.

badz1492780d ago

Great review, as always! And this part...

"I'll give this game a Nissan/10" LOL that was hillarious!

Kryptix2780d ago (Edited 2780d ago )

I read through the whole first page comments and I'm not surprised that the same exact people who have been defending this game as a "masterpiece" are still stuck in a bubble.

Highly entertaining and cringey to see a lot of these people who don't take flaws into account keep saying the exact same things since day one. To be honest, I'm sure some of them hide behind multiple accounts to blend in the illusion that they're not alone.


Quantum Break is very flawed, distorted from it's own breaks within itself. I was actually giving this game a "break" when it came to many of it's aspects, but angry Joe pointed out things that I would have never seen. Like Iceman being this powerful, time bending being, but not using his powers to max potential.

For example, he has that blink ability. Why doesn't he use that to methodically bypass obstacles in quick succession. Like, with speed like that, he can literally wall run and stop gravity to give himself a gliding ability.

One thing, too...why can he make enemies float in the air, but he has no control of gravity around him? Like slow down the pull of gravity, giving him a higher jump...

Mechanics and concepts that would of have been interesting to touch, giving more gameplay options.

Like slow down fire from canisters, even stop it, to create and keep traps in the zone. So you can force push an enemy into it for fun interactions.


Really flawed game and one thing Joe never mentioned is that you can literally shoot through hard walls. If I can find the footage, I'll edit it in.



Here's the shoot through hard walls, objects footage:





The, "bullets go through the middle of the screen" is old school and outdated.

mEATgrinder2780d ago

It's better than Uncharted and this Joe guy is a joke. He doesn't even get that angry

2780d ago
choujij2780d ago

I loved Alan Wake. Loved it! It impressed me very much and I was deeply immersed the whole time. So needless to say, I was very excited for this game.

After watching the review, I'm just left in shock. The things Joe mentions in his review that piss him off, also piss me off too. The review itself was very well done. He didn't only point out it's many flaws, but also pointed out what it did right. I've seen enough to know it's not what I was hoping for at all and is something I'm going to have to pass on.

On another note, I cannot believe how much defense there is for this mediocre game. While I'm no stranger to enjoying a mediocre game, I can still acknowledge it's shortcomings. But some people on here act as if this game is next to perfect and there's something wrong with you if you don't like it. Good grief.

game4funz2780d ago

It's common for fanboys to compare games from their competing platforms...but you haven't played it since you seem to make your statement using reviews, people's opinions, which means you have no real opinion worth discussing.

Quantum break is unique. Haven't played a game like it before. Is it comparable to uncharted?? Only as much as a game like dark souls or call or duty or dishonored is comparable to uncharted. Different games. Nothing to compare unless you're a fanboy and need to downplay other games.