Is PS4K just Sony's UHD Blu-ray player?

A lot has been said about Sony's PS4K, but are we all getting worked up over nothing?

Listen in as QorC regulars Mike, Jack, Dave and Andy chew the fat on the PS4K rumours as we know them and try to work out what hardware Sony might announce at E3 2016.

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Aloy-Boyfriend1097d ago

A 4k chip would be very expensive. I think it's a slim model with 4K playback

freshslicepizza1097d ago

most likely. not sure why sony just won't leave the ps4 alone if it won't impact gaming.

TFJWM1097d ago

Umm as time goes forward you can replace certain parts with better and smaller parts at a lower price. That is why slim models exist. People get a slightly better system and the company makes more money while selling it at a better price...

martinnatalex1097d ago

They need to do a 1080p60 console, or atleast a console that can play all the 900p games at 1080p.

freshslicepizza1097d ago

the slim model;s usually come out later and are cheaper because like you said, the parts become cheaper. if that's the case and this new model gets better parts and is cheaper for the consumer then that's great.

wakeNbake1097d ago

4k bluray is amazing bruh.

TFJWM1097d ago

"the slim model;s usually come out later"
3 Years in the US btw PS3 and PS3 slim

"if that's the case and this new model gets better parts and is cheaper for the consumer then that's great."

Or if its the same price with better parts that would be great too, right?

freshslicepizza1097d ago (Edited 1097d ago )

"Or if its the same price with better parts that would be great too, right?"

not as great because past practice has shown a decrease in price for the consumer when the slim model comes out and not everyone cares about 4k playback or has a 4k tv.

NewMonday1097d ago


almost certain it will be both, cheaper $300 PS4, and PS4K for $500 all playing the same games.

bouzebbal1097d ago

if you count the 4K games in it then yes it's a 4K bluray player.
We have no idea if such a console exists, let's wait and see but i see it as it is fully backward compatible and has a 4k output.

nowitzki20041097d ago (Edited 1097d ago )

I know quite a few people who are hoping its for 4k playback at least. It will help push 4k into the mainstream more as well.

"if it won't impact gaming."

Yeah because consoles are only for gaming right? Same MS fanboys that brag about their HDMI in lmao

indyman77771097d ago (Edited 1097d ago )

If Sony makes this a HDR Blu-ray player I can see it helping Sony's sales just like regular Blu ray did in the old days. I just paid for the only one of TWO HDR blu-ray players on the market the SAMSUNG brand one for 399 the other is Panasonic. Which cost's 599. People could get a HDR video game machine for cheaper than a HDR blu-ray player I can see it happening sales!

If Sony had launched it a month ago they would have had sold out just like Samsung and Panasonic is STILL! I got mine direct from Samsung after waiting a WHOLE months of back orders. HDR on a HDR capable tv IS sweet!

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ProjectVulcan1097d ago (Edited 1097d ago )

4K resolution games with the same PS4 visuals we have right now requires 4 times the performance. In terms of current GPUs, that's an R9 Fury. Go look at the price of a R9 Fury. That's not all, you would also need a CPU and significant memory performance boost to match.

Does anyone really think Sony are launching a machine in 2016 with 4 times the performance of PS4 in a small console box for a reasonable price? Not happening.

What they could do though is update the console's HDMI revision, add UHD bluray support and minor hardware tweaks to make that all run nicely together.

martinnatalex1097d ago

Nobody except casuals think it's a 4k machine, I just want a 1080p60 machine, or atleast one that'll play all the 900p games at 1080p.

OoglyBoogly1097d ago

4x the resolution doesn't automatically mean you need 4x the GPU power. My single 290X can not only do 4K but it can do so with better graphics (draw distance, texture resolution, etc) but it even has better frame rate than the PS4 counterpart.

So yeah, a 4K console doesn't need to be as powerful as people like you think it needs to be.

dumahim1097d ago

Plus, the console can be more efficient and I don't think it would even need to be native 4k. It could do something in between and then upscale.
I just hope if it is for 4k gaming, they'll have the ability to keep it 1080p and up the framerate for those that don't care about 4k.

NewMonday1097d ago

a single GeForce GTX 980 4.6 Tflop GPU can do 4K30fps, this is my brothers set up, he can do it with Battlefront and looks amazing.

my old 3.1TFLOP GTX680 actual game performance is similar to the 1.8TFLOP PS4, so if they can get the PS4K to push 4TFLOPs then 4K30fps is very possible.

extermin8or1097d ago

@newmonday: well by your logic there surely if the actual game performance of your 3.1 TF gpu is similar to the 1.8 TF ps4 (due to optimisation and stuff no doubt) surely the ps4k would only need to get to about 3TF to match the 4TF gpu performance? Although that's still 160% ish of it's current power. No likely ps4k is the slim ps4 with an UHD blu ray player hdmi2.0, better wifi card etc and al the new smaller chips due to developments within manufacturing process that shrink the die allowing the console to be more effiecient energy wise and to be smaller.

nowitzki20041097d ago (Edited 1097d ago )


If they make it so it can play every game in 1080p 60fps, it will still be pricey. It will be for 4k media if the rumors are true at all.

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Chocoburger1096d ago

I really wish people would realize this. Just leave the hardware as-is for gaming. Improve Blu-Ray playback, fine, no one will be upset. But wait until PS5 to improve video game graphics.

ProjectVulcan1096d ago (Edited 1096d ago )

@ OoglyBoogly Sorry, but it generally does.

If you are only running undemanding titles, early console titles that didn't take full advantage of the hardware and not the cutting edge ones then yes, you might barely make do with an R9 290X for 4K.

But if you're running any games remotely modern and GPU bound then it's not really enough to lock to a 30FPS minimum. You really need to average in excess of 30FPS to claim equivalent performance, because if the game is vsynced and locked for the most part at 30FPS on console, you need to do a bit more than that on PC to also be vsynced and locked.

This is also despite the fact in a gaming PC, any such card will no doubt be paired with a vastly larger and faster (and massively more expensive) CPU than the Jaguar cores in PS4. Plus a lot more system memory, and at least as much VRAM which offers a great deal more memory bandwidth than the consoles.

In other words a gaming PC that barely manages 4K on modern titles is hugely more expensive to build than PS4, as it needs to be many times more powerful.

Just look at 4k Rise of the Tomb Raider tests. Even Fury X struggles to 30FPS minimum at console high settings (not ultra) R9 290X not remotely good enough.

Battlefront was mentioned- runs a solid 60FPS on consoles. To get that @ 4k on PC even at just high settings (not ultra), you need waaaaaaaaaaay more GPU performance than a mere R9 290X.

What about Dark Souls 3, the PC version offers only the tiniest visual improvements over the consoles. Max quality 4k/30FPS requires an R9 Fury.

R9 290X barely scrapes above 25FPS average......

So on and so forth.

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KillerPwned1097d ago

This is exactly what I been thinking and saying the whole time it seems like the most profitable and usual way I would expect things to go. Also the timeline for the release of this would be just right with 4K movies just starting to come out to stores.

Orbilator1097d ago

Im looking for a new console with 2tb storage and no drive, as im fully digital purchases now.

Aenea1097d ago

You are, most people are not...

Even though I do have the internet speeds to go all digital [downloads], physical games are way, way cheaper for me (from €70 to €45-55). Besides I like to have something physical, to receive it, await it's arrival, opening it, handling it, put it on a shelf, etc., etc.

So no, a bluray less system is not gonna happen because not everyone wants digital and not everyone has the internet connection to even do so, why market a device that you can't sell to everyone?

kingPoS1097d ago

That's great, unless of course you have to manage a 350gb cap that most US isp's seem to be intent on enforcing.

Gateway MT6706 2008

blesbok1097d ago

This 100%. Any other idea is unwarranted.

Dragonking0071097d ago

Yes and no because buying chips at a bulk would be a lower price, unless... there making crossfire but of mid to high chips that can work i can see that happening certainly theyll modify it to fit the build and would be a liquid cooled ps4, im just seeing this through how a pc is built sony can do so many crazy things now it surprise me if they manage to nail 4k but at same time i can just see a slim ps4 model with 4k blueray... but that lther part of me recalls sony not in it for the multimedia for there playstation line its gaming centered system.

Muzikguy1097d ago

This is like the big question in gaming right now. I should stay off this and other sites for a few months. It's getting tiring and ridiculous that the same questions and articles keep popping up

Tsar4ever011097d ago

What the hell ya'll talking about "SLIM" ps4!? The damn console is SMALL ENOUGH as it is!! It's the same size as the XBox-360S model but not as thick. They don't need to make it any DAMN smaller. Just change the insides like it's APU to a 16/14nm and upgrade the Blu-ray to a 4K slot drive and maybe upgrade it's wifi to support 802.11-AC & upgrade the memory to GDDR5X and up the capacity to 12GB or 16GB.

showtimefolks1097d ago

you can not expect a $399 console to deliver 4k native output. these mid gen consoles will be an upgrade over current models.

new ps4 will be $399
old ps4's sku $299/249($249 by blackfriday i think)

oasdada1097d ago

Slim model with 4k playback AND (Maybe) has a cell processor for Backwards compatibility?

Dragonking0071097d ago

First off ps4 not a media box sure it does netflix and has a blueray but main purpose is gaming lets not assume sony going to put a 4k blueray just for movies they are definitely going in on for 4k gaming and yes it is pricey like all other electronics that are suppose to do high quality resolution content. If naughty dog, sucker punch and santa monica making good looking games that look better than most average triple A titles out today just imagine what they can do with a higher end gpu? But this just my opinion i try to have neutral outlook in all of this rumors. Maybe im wrong.

RashBandicoot1097d ago

The PS4 can already do 4K playpack with video and pictures. Pretty sure this is an upgraded GPU console.

extermin8or1097d ago

Would make no sense todo that. Unless upgrade i incremental and just allows higher frame rate but I doubt sony will do it. The current console is capable of 4k video and pictures output but only at 30fps due to older hdmi port type, plus it cant play UHD blu-ray because it doesn't have a 4k blu-ray drive. Surprised me that it didn't at the time tbh but I guess they wanted to keep the cost down soa slim with hdmi 2.0 and new blu-ray drive would make perfect sense.

kraenk121097d ago

It will feature an upgraded more efficient APU with upgraded 4K upscaling. There have several legit reports about it already. Wonder why people are still so sceptical, it makes perfect sense in regards to VR and Sony's will to push its 4K market.

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Likketysplit1097d ago

Makes sense from a consumer tech perspective but they are gonna piss off a lot of people if they leave the standard PS4 behind with new software.

_-EDMIX-_1097d ago

Yes but why would they? It doesn't even make sense to abandon a large install base.

Kipster1097d ago

There's very real chance of them fragmenting their own market and upsetting gamers with an 'improved' console. Be very interesting to find out just what this thing is...

ShadowKnight1097d ago

It will play game at 60FPS :)

nowitzki20041097d ago

It will cost at least $599 if it does that.

ShadowKnight1096d ago (Edited 1096d ago )

Lol then I guess it will only be a PS4 slim with a 4K Blu-Ray player and energy efficient.

ShadowKnight1097d ago

It will play games at 60FPS :)