Burnout Paradise: Bikes Gameplay Update

Criterion gives an update on what to expect when the new bike pack is released. Apparently the update extends the game another 9-10 hours. 70 new challenges are included and also a fresh new map of the city. And to top it off it is another FREE update.

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TiKiMaN13731d ago

Talk about a dev team loving their game and their fans. :)

AAACE53731d ago

I played the demo on xbox live and it was OK, but is Burnout paradise really that great?

Not being sarcastic, I have been seriously considering buying this game, but I wanted to ask people who have it already!

Is it worth buying?

Montrealien3731d ago

EA and there money hungry ways, they are the greediest ones around I tell ya!

uhh wait...

ape0073731d ago

criterion=super awesome

paradise rocks

btw guys,when this update gonna release and will it have trophies?

TiKiMaN13731d ago

Yes it should have trophies and it is being released in September. From the sound of things it's looking like early September.

lordv8der3731d ago

The Bikes patch WILL NOT contain trophy support, they will be implementing it soon after the bike have been released. However they will be retroactive, so no need o worry about doing everything again.

sak5003731d ago

Infinity ward take note pls. Doesn't mean if you have a best seller and sit on your butt and charging for 3 useless maps 10$ and no updates after that.

For criterion, havn't touched BP in last few months cuz of the irritating need to memorize the map / street names just to be able to race again in case you lose. That's the one that put me off of it.

TiKiMaN13731d ago

It would be extremely nice if other dev teams would take note and not charge.

Being a PC Gamer as well it has been really nice lately with the map pack for COD4 being free and also "Bring Down the Sky" for Mass Effect being free.

psycho3603731d ago

Yes good points but i guess some rather pay for 3 maps then get free updates as per the disagrees.

Surfman3731d ago

Criterion rocks. Probably the most generous devs. Hey, they give us full of add-ons contents for free. Big add-on and update for free. And few others games let us pay 1 day after a release date of their game for 3 or 4 gears for characters... (SC4)

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The story is too old to be commented.