5 Video Game Villains You Have a Hard Time Hating

There are many aspects to a video game that makes the player love that game and want to play it over and over again. Most play for the hero and the storyline, while others continue their perilous journey to defeat the bad guy that they love to hate, but what can be said of those bad guys that we almost hate to love? There aren’t too many of them, but let’s face it, there are some villains in video games that you really, really want to hate, but you end up liking them. I’ve chosen five video game baddies that are quite bad, but at the same time, you just have a hard time hating them.

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1099d ago Replies(2)
Kyosuke_Sanada1099d ago

I'd like to add Daniella from Haunting Ground and Saren from Mass Effect.

DarkOcelet1099d ago

Well, Saren wasn't exactly a bad guy.

Movefasta19931099d ago

Dr .Nefarious, Handsome Jack and Vaas.

Eiyuuou1099d ago

Vergil, without a doubt!

SolidGear31099d ago (Edited 1099d ago )

Ocelot in MGS4 after you find out the truth

assdan1099d ago

That's what I was about to say. Ocelot isn't really even the bad guy lol.