The Division’s First Update: Worth a Play for Agents?

ThisGenGaming says "On April 12th, The Division’s first free update (1.1) with additional content was launched. Agents everywhere rejoiced with the new content, upgrades to the game and additional improvements. There were some issues that plagued some players in game, as well as server problems. But overall – is this a good thing, and something that will keep Agents playing?"

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PixelGateUk1788d ago

Not a big fan of the incursion, it's kinda the same thing but with more grenade being thrown at me lol

That one guy 861786d ago

I ran it on Tuesday and Wednesday and haven't played the game since. We hit wave 15 and died. I see no purpose of continuing the grind in this game. Half the time I have to matchmake with randoms, as all my friends have moved on. I honestly regret buying the gold edition and continually consider trading in the game.

giovonni1786d ago

Simply put, I've played this game for 4 consecutive days, and never played it again. I fell cheated since the things UBIsoft showed at E3 are either dumb down or don't exist. I'm not investing anymore time or money for this game.