New Socom: Confrontation Screens

For your viewing pleasure we have some Socom: Confrontation screenshots. Hey at least come October you won't have to play the game your knees. Maybe this is a bad batch of scans but these screens well, don't look very PS3 like. Regardless, the game will focus on online play and like most Socom games, should be a blast.

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C_SoL3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

I still have to pre-order mines. Getting the bundle w/headset.

A little stand for my headset, nice.

EDIT:These look old.

Check these pics out. The game looks more polished.

Overr8ed3706d ago

does the Bundle come with the Stand? I cant wait for the Beta.

C_SoL3706d ago

It comes with the stand.

Panthers3706d ago

You should have preorderd earlier so you could get a beta voucher. Call your gamestop and check to see if they have them. 6 more days ! :D

sak5003706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

With games like this no wonder ps3 fandroids think Kz2 is photorealistic.

Counterstrike source a 4+ year old game running on a 200$ acer pc looks better than this $hit.

blackbeld3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

WTF happened with 360 fanboys nowadays? they seems to be retarded from the RROD syndrome. really go get a doctor for the RROD Vaccine quick now you still can be cured.

Tacki3706d ago

Yes, graphics are EVERYTHING when it comes to shooting games aren't they? I'm guessing that's why people are still playing Halo 3... because it's a technical titan! -_-

snoopgg3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

bots always say that graphics aren't everything its about the gameplay right!!!!!! Get lost loser, so is one of the best multiplayer games out for any console, and your trying to TROLL on it. No Sony fan is going to even care what your nutsak says anyhow.

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Rico_Suavez3706d ago

Looks better than Too Human..

C_SoL3706d ago

Seriously this guy above you must 12 years old................either that or he must have problems...........

Jandre023706d ago

And these screen shots are old. SOCOM 3 was probably one of the worst looking games I've ever seen.

If you thought this game was going to be a graphical powerhouse, then LOL. It's a PSN downloadable shooter!

Of course Kotaku would post this..poor poor Kotaku. Why do people even go to that site anymore?

IzKyD13313706d ago

ummm I don't get where your coming at, you call this game ugly because its a PSN title, but Warhawk (and soon to be burnout paradise) are both on or coming to PSN and they both look amazing

PoSTedUP3706d ago

its not gunna be the best looking game what jandre is saying, and he is also saying that these screenshots are very old, but i can assure you socom confrontations is going to have amazing graphics for a socom psn game. just look at the new gameplay videos, its gunna be off the chain and im in the beta sept 1st!

lodossrage3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

I know dang well they can get the new HD pics of this game. They probably choose not to. Since they had nothing bad to say about Killzone anymore (although they tried their hardest), they're trying to push their negativity onto Socom.

Side note- This is only meant to be a competitive online remake of PAST socom games and a psn network game. It's not meant to be a graphic pusher. It's meant to be a competition pusher (Socom veterans know this fact).

Overr8ed3706d ago

Agreed, Look at Warhawk, game looks great but that isnt the point, it suppose to be Fun.

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The story is too old to be commented.