Playstation 3's XDR RAM explained

PS3 as we all know is powered by 256mb of GDDR3 RAM and 256mb of XDR at ultra fast speed of 3.2 ghz.The XDR RAM has a very low latency and is more efficient than contemporary PC RAMs

so what exactly is XDR RAM and why is it superior to conventional PC RAMs. Click on the video link to find out?

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Genesis53798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

Any questions? Well at least now we know they didn't pull one of the shelf as was suggested by Brucie, from Bruce on games. The XDR RAM is designed specifically to run with the Cell.

cahill3798d ago

How come that guy approves his crap at N4G. he has 0 technical knowledge. He knows nothing about PC/PS3/X360

as you can see in the video the XDR RAM alone is enough for all PS3 games

gambare3798d ago

the problem was that the devs tried to work with it like a regular ram unit, that's why they failed, but now they are figuring that this ram is another kind of ram, not a regular memory buffer stock.

pwnsause3798d ago

Bruce on Flames is an idiot and has no knowledge what so ever about Hardware.

Utalkin2me3798d ago

I was laughing when i seen the guy eyes moving back and forth to read it from a q card or the teleprompter, Funny stuff.

PimpHandStrong3798d ago

is a joke

he is up there with Major Nelsen!!

MNicholas3798d ago

with the PS2's memory and it was because some developers figured out how to use it properly that we have games like GT4, Jak3, and God of War. Unfortunately Sony did a poor job supporting developers (most of whom were used to traditional PC architecture and nothing else) with this new paradigm. This is where Microsoft did a superb job. They practically write the code for you.

f7897903798d ago

if they had just added another 256MB of that stuff the ps3 it would add years to the ps3s life span.

cyclindk3797d ago

Agree on all accounts, the PS3 is different from the 360 or PCs on so many counts that it is a wonder that anyone, even devs, try and compare them to one another..."duhhhhh...PS3 is hard to develop for..." how about, "PS3 is difficult to develop for as it presents us with new and complex technology never before utilized in computer gaming and may very well be the most advanced video gaming and multimedia platform ever created, just give us time." XDR ram, Cell/BE, Blu-ray, et cetera.

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GutZ313798d ago

Brought to you on a VHS tape~!

Qdog3798d ago

Betamax would have been better....LOL just kidding

zo6_lover273798d ago

What was that about ps3 ram problems?

cahill3798d ago

XDR works in harmony with CELL which has a super high bandwidth and hence this is why it was chosen for PS3

The PS3 can do with just 256mb XDR which is almost like 1gig GDDR 3

However RSX has full access to 256mb XDR and 256mb GDDR3

zo6_lover273798d ago

That's what I've been telling Jason 360(and other Xbots) for I don't know how long but they just don't listen

PirateThom3798d ago

The PS3s RAM problem was a fallicy (but the comedy is even with it's supposed problem it was either near matching or exceeding the 360, which is something silly fanboys really didn't consider), but every component in the PS3 is high quality and expensive, the RAM is no exception.

Spread Butt Cheeks3798d ago

"The PS3 can do with just 256mb XDR which is almost like 1gig GDDR 3 "

lol, and a 1 gallon bucket can do just as much as a 4 gallon bucket. you're an idiot. games still require a lot of ram for storage. if your chip is fast but smaller in size than you are going to be spending extra time loading variables from a page file. when dealing with ram, loading something from a page file is the slowest operation. come on sony droids...hit that disagree button. you can handle facts

cahill3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

u are calling yourself an idiot??

Xdr runs at 3.2ghz , has 4x speed, efficiency and lower latency as Gddr3

There is something called CACHE mapping and PS3 has 2.3m of l1+l2 cache

There is something called Direct data streaming and Blu ray makes that possible on PS3

the faster XDR makes way for very frequent and fast DIRECT and INDIRECT cache mapping

This is why some games on ps3 looks so good and run at 1080p, 60 fps

juuken3798d ago

Come on they *ever* listen?
The PS3 could take second place in terms of sales and they'll be still flailing around in the wind.

Spread Butt Cheeks3798d ago

you still dont know what you are talking about. 256 is no where near enough memory no matter how fast it is. once your 256 is full you need to page it out. all current gen games use more than 256 megs.

lol again @ your direct blu-ray "stream". reading optical devices takes more time than page files. stop trying moron.

i know this is Nasim that im talking to. still haven't gotten a life have you....:*( i shed a tear for your. get laid dude

zo6_lover273798d ago

He is saying that the drawbacks of DDR3 make 1GB of DDR3 equal to 256mb of XDR.

BTW, The ps3 has 512mb of total ram, 256mb XDR, and 256mb of DDR3. Shows what you know

blackbeld3798d ago

U know.. and.. its funny.. i tell this... Toshiba is good friend from Sony. and thats why Microsoft is being ... [email protected]@nged
by Toshiba... hahaha

Toshiba was also working closely with the architexture for the PS3 soo they give up very soon the HD-DVD format war. Microsoft is in big trouble now.. what kind of format can they use for the future of the 720box??? dvd9 again? i feel sorry with Microsoft.

Spread Butt Cheeks3798d ago

"Toshiba was also working closely with the architexture for the PS3"

Architectures are not written or designed specifically for gaming consoles. Stop rambling on with made-up nonsense.

i found a video of Nasim:

cahill3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

I found your video

u cant be more than 2 year old

BTW stupid donkey SPC

PS3 has 512mb of RAM(256mb Xdr and 256mb Gddr3) but 256mb XDR alone >>> 1 gig GDDR3 since it has 4x speed,low latency and efficiency

in a sense 256mb XDR>>> 2x x360's total memory

PS3 has 512mb if u are unaware

Lost_My_600_Dollar3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

PS3 meant to be a blu-ray player not a game console

I think 256 is more than enough for a video player , at least you can play it without any shuttering or slowdown

have fun with your blu-rays collection , as an xbox360 owner I have many games to deal with


that was funny lol


Drekken3798d ago

Are you people really as dumb as you come off as?? You can have a detailed spreadsheet of all the numbers you need for proof about how fast the PS3 is and you will still debate. The debate is OVER. Look at the games coming for PS and look at your precious piece360.

The comparison is PS2 to PS3. Xbox 360 is JUNK. And you guys will sop up all the BS fed to you by MS fans. Why they are fans, I will never know. They are software giants who stole their original concept from partners. They have had the computer field on lockdown, but that reign is ending. Bill is gone and the company has no focus. This "software giant" has thrown together some crap hardware from Bill's closet and called it the Xbox360 and it has all of you suckers who care not for technology advancement drooling. You kiddies need to WAKE UP. The PS3 is not the end to all, but it is for sure the king of technology this gen. Snap out of it you sore LOSERS.

Snukadaman_3798d ago

Nice spin here.....256mb of ram is not 1 gig no matter how you spin it...i absolutely love this article...its almost a year too late but still the amount of absurdity only makes n4g the biggest droid display of missinformation ever.

Kleptic3798d ago

this is at least the 5th time I have seen this video linked on this site...and it appears that even this time, it does not have any effect on the fanboy war in the slightest...and the reason for that is simple...fanboys do not know what ANY of this even means, or how it is utilized...I won't pretend to know much of it either...but there are some obvious areas that both camps keep getting stuck on...

butt cheeks...why is the 360's ram architecture so confusing when you compare it to the PS3's...both systems have an identical amount of ram...they are just different types of ram and how they are accessed are completely different...the 360 has a unified bank of 512mb of GDDR3...think of this setup like a budget laptop with an integrated GPU (not that the hardware itself is like a budget laptop, but that the hardware is arranged and piped together in that manner)...this is a somewhat unorthodox setup when compared to a gaming in nearly every good gaming PC has dedicated system ram, and dedicated GPU ram...

the PS3 also has 512mb of total ram...but has it split for the most part...the GPU has access to all 512mb if need be, but the CPU can only access the server class XDR memory, of which is significantly faster, more efficient, and more expensive than standard GDDR3 (of which the other 256mb is dedicated solely to the GPU)...this is a setup similar to a standard gaming PC...

the 360 simply does not have 'more ram'...that is something that simply won't die this generation...and that is the only point of my post...the PS3 has an equal amount overall, but half of it is significantly faster to access...the main issue between the two consoles has always been the OS footprint, of which the PS3 still has nearly double the 360's...that leaves about 30+ mb of ram free for 360 developers when compared to the PS3...

that number has been coming down since launch...but is still higher than the 360's...its been commnented on by nearly all multiplatform developers when explaining differences between the PS3 and 360...the 360 still has slightly more memory to work with overall...and the PS3 has nearly double the processing power, of which is expensive to utilize though...

Pain3798d ago (Edited 3798d ago )

Xbots are Stupid and no mater how many times with pretty pictures they still dont get it, cuz they see Numbers and think bigger is always better.

but i dont call them brain dead crack babies for nothing ~.^

juuken3798d ago

Oh my goodness gracious...the bots are so damn stupid!
Damn, did you guys EVER pay attention in school?

bootsielon3797d ago (Edited 3797d ago )

None of these posts make sense. I just reported Nasim as SPAM because he does not know what he is talking about. Spread Butt Chicks and Snukadaman obviously have a bias, so I reported him as offensive. Mods should deal with all this fanboy bullsh1t even in the open zone. Nasim is clueless, but so are these stupid Xbots.

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uie4rhig3798d ago

that was a boring long interview.. tho with interesting information.. if this was about sumit else, i'd be sleeping halfway through lol..

nos4speed3798d ago

So to clear it up its magic pixie dust that gives us games like mgs4......all I wanted yo know :P

Utalkin2me3798d ago

Maybe they should use a different magic pixie dust then. Maybe they should use the same dust that was used on Uncharted and Killzone 2.

thebudgetgamer3798d ago

they can pour it on the wii