Valkyrie Anatomia first Teaser Trailer

Valkyrie Anatomia first trailer published by Square Enix.

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Mpl901008d ago

It doesn't tell us that much :P

Geobros1008d ago

Thats is true. We dont know the platforms yet.

Blastoise1008d ago

It's been confirmed that it's a mobile game, unsurprisingly


Geobros1008d ago

#Blastoise - I was 99% sure it would be on mobile, unfortunately.

NukaCola1008d ago

I don't speak or read Japanese so it would be nice to have some subtitles, because I have no clue what this is.

Crimson_Ash1008d ago (Edited 1008d ago )

O Gods...
How long will this continue...
----------------------------- --------
Do you want to die ?
Do you want it to this ?
----------------------------- -------
Then come.
Lets walk the path of death together
----------------------------- -------
O strongest of heroes.
I will receive/welcome you as einherjar ....

NukaCola1008d ago

Haha,,, Thanks,, But I am still lost.

+1 helpful.

I see this is an iOS/APK game so I wonder if it will be good. SE does a lot of phone games nowadays. I did get Kingdom Hearts Unchained X and it's really good so maybe if this is a F2P game, it may not suck. Who knows..

-Gespenst-1007d ago

SE are only publishing it, Tri-Ace are developing it. See my comment below, Tri-Ace's two other smartphone games are pretty good - or at least, they're certainly a cut above most of the garbage.

-Gespenst-1008d ago

It has a pretty epic feel for a probable mobile game. But then, Tri-Ace's other two phone games, Chronos Ring and Heaven X Inferno are above average quality-wise, so I'd expect an even higher quality treatment of one of their more established series.

Also, the fact that they have a pretty serious Japanese playwright writing and directing is promising to me. Why would someone like that agree to contribute significantly to this if it were just a smartphone money generator with a VP paintjob? It must be a bigger project than that. Furthermore, why would Tri-Ace waste talent like that on some churned out piece of smartphone crap? Seems like the kind of guy you'd enlist the talents of if you were making something of consequence.

What's not encouraging is that very few of the key people behind the original games seem to be involved. Hopefully this playwright guy can fill that void.

SolidGear31008d ago

How about one for the ps4?