50 games Xbox Live Arcade deserves

Xbox 360 Wire has a list of 50 games that deserve to appear on Xbox Live Arcade, although it does say that any other downloadable console versions would also be welcomed.

"The list covers titles from way back in the BBC Micro day's right through to some of the latter consoles. Hell, there's even a couple of arcade and web based titles in there too...

All of the games listed here are entirely possible to bring back today. Certain first party titles had to be excluded due to either publishing or legal reasons - you won't be finding Mario Kart on XBLA any time soon I'd wager.

Where a title was released on multiple platforms, the preferred 'version' is the console named in brackets after each entry. Each entry has a 'plausibility rating' out of 10."

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Bleem3603708d ago

Magic Carpet for sure..

Where's Dungeon Keeper though? :(

marionz3708d ago


bubble bobble
altered beast
origonal street fighter
final fight

probably heaps of others i would love to play again

GameOn3708d ago

I would like a real nextgen, 2D Worms game. There's so much that can be done with it.

Bleem3603708d ago

Yeah they could do some really neat stuff with all the fancy tricks available these days - real physics would be a blast if you'll excuse the pun.

Speaking of physics, it's good to see Fantastic Contraption made it on the list. If you havent yet had the joy, go here to try it out.


GameOn3708d ago

wow! really cool, have a bubble.

Sitdown3708d ago

I should take a bubble from you for presenting a game for me to get addicted to....any productivity for tonight has gone straight out the window. Definitely should be a live arcade title.

Bleem3603707d ago

It's incredibly addictive isn't it - but brilliant at the same time.

Could even be a challenger to Little Big Planet!

Sitdown3707d ago

that I am still playing it. I have not created an account to I have not even turned off my computer or closed the web browser since I went to the site. It is interesting how something so simple is yet so addictive...ahh what the heck, take some Bubbles.

+ Show (2) more repliesLast reply 3707d ago

Definitely this game - infact all the Saturn games listed are decent - not Rayman though.

How about Flashback on the Megadrive and i still want the original R-Type.

cliffbo3708d ago

keep it lean, keep the gamer keen.

predator3708d ago

I would love Moonwalker that would be so cool...never gona happen though

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The story is too old to be commented.