The Big Game: The return of Final Fantasy

We all love a good underdog story.

Eddie the Eagle, Leicester City Football Club, Rocky... nothing quite captures the public imagination like a determined minnow taking on and beating the established giants.

But there is another type of underdog story. The tale of a once great fighter who has faded away with age, or illness, or defeat, but has been given another shot to prove their worth in a new age. Think Nintendo, Steve Jobs... Rocky.

It’s the latter camp that Final Fantasy finds itself in. The grandfather of the RPG genre has found itself eclipsed by a new generation, led by Elder Scrolls and The Witcher.

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PhoenixUp917d ago

This was a very great interview.

I have faith that much of Square Enix's effort put into FFXV will pay off in the end.

indysurfn917d ago (Edited 917d ago )

Nice interview, sure. But the problem is the fans that loved Final Fantasy have been clamoring for a turn based Summon spelled JRPG that is not trying to convert people to western, and or action style RPG's. Square started it slowly with FFX, and then going forward since the PS2 Era ended.

They had a great chance to switch back with the remake but decided to continue to try, and force people to buy a action rpg.

I get the whole dollar sign, the big cut in time it takes to make a action rpg is saving millions of dollars!

But people aren't buying the product since PS2! Why not make a Action style JRPG that is all the way action and a Turn based JRPG that is all the way turn based. This all things to all people stuff just does not work.

I see the comments from the old fans, and they didn't like the demo. Not a good sign for sales. A few loved it. But in the past final fantasy demos where so popular that they sold magazine subscription's, and was even REVIEWED(yes the demos)! And got 95-100% on a regular bases.

This president promised to return to their roots, and not be afraid to return to their roots. But is not.