Crysis Warhead Intro Cinematic Leaked

Here is a video showing the leaked cinematic intro for Crysis Warhead.

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TheColbertinator3706d ago

This must be a trailer of Crysis Warhead for the PC...and Dreamcast 2

Microsoft_Spokesman3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

Dude really shut up. First you were funny, but now-.

TheColbertinator3705d ago

Dude I got two words for ya:

Valkyria Chronicles

pwnsause3705d ago

dude, never use dreamcast jokes, its not funny. alot of people felt the pain the day Sega pulled the plug on the dreamcast, i even cried.

TheColbertinator3705d ago


I know.I almost cried as well.But all I ever see is PS3 this 360 that.It leaves you tired man.I just want things to cool off and have the console wars kept respectable like the old days.All today I see is a hatred for gaming from these troll wars.

FantasyStar3705d ago (Edited 3705d ago )

That's very out-of-character. I didn't know you had a Dreamcast. We should play Wii Boxing sometime, so I can knock the stuffing out of your liberal Mii with my guns Kyowa & Minshu.

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LeonSKennedy4Life3705d ago

Looks good.

I think I'll wait till all the pirates force Crytek to lower the price.

richierich3705d ago

@leon wow man now thats just stingy

Marcan213705d ago

this game will only be 30 $ so it is low enough.

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