Gotta Catch ‘em all – Part 1

Iselynne's Journey to Catch them All has progressed! Check out the Journey's update right now.

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SavageKuma1652d ago

What are you confused about?

MeteorPanda1652d ago

l don't get what this article is about. someones finally playing this groundbreaking news or is there something l'm missing here?

SavageKuma1650d ago

Yes and yes. You see this is a fun article where someone finally taking the challenge venturing off to attempt to capture all the Pokemon including legendaries. Far as I know, I have never seen someone actually share their experience in detail and strategies where this writer is properly showing the benefits of the Pokemon bank that most people do not know about. I enjoy how Iselynne goes into detail relieving some stress on picking your starter Pokemon which now thanks to the Pokemon Bank you can get all three if you have the patience. Not sure what you are not seeing or trying to suggest here.