Evolution: It Was a Very Amicable Parting of Ways With Sony; PS4 a Key Strategy Part Going Forward

Evolution's Mick Hocking confirmed that the studio had a very amicable parting of ways with Sony. PS4 will still be at the core of their strategy going forward.

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Garethvk1899d ago

Somewhere in the middle is the real story.

Eonjay1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

The middle of what? We already know the real story. Where have you been?

dirkdady1899d ago

Apparently he was on conspiracy island.

xHeavYx1899d ago

Better love story than the companies who closed lately and didn't even see it coming.

rainslacker1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

He's right. The middle of this article had the story right there for everyone to see. Straight from the horses mouth.

TheCommentator1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

There's no sense in burning bridges with a company you can still end up making a game for. I'm sure that Evo wasn't particularly excited to walk into a, "sorry guys, you're all fired" conversation when they got up for work that morning though.

I'm just glad that their talent is not being split up. I hope Codemasters gives them the happy home they need to continue making great games.

Festano1899d ago

Agreed! Codemasters could really use Evolution's technical expertise. They were never that great at making amazing graphics.

kraenk121899d ago


Codemasters the PUBLISHER is not Codemasters the Developer!

rainslacker1899d ago

It sounds like they knew ahead of time that Sony was going to close the studio, and they took the opportunity to take advantage by making a new studio, or fishing around for someone to publish for them(codemasters). I'd imagine at some point during the DLC development, it was made known that after that part of DriveClub's development was done, they would have no more work.

It's hard to imagine that CM would have picked up the entire studio team so quickly after shutting it down without a plan of action on Evolutions part.

I'd even wager if they are on good terms with Sony, that Sony is willing to work with them, which could have helped them get picked up by another publisher.

KwietStorm_BLM1898d ago

It's like people want to manufacture conspiracies just for the hell of it. The fact that they are still focused on PS4 should say something. David Jaffe has pretty much been all in with PlayStation, and he left Sony years ago. I'd love to see Evo make a great Motorstorm on PS4. It could rival that original CGI trailer on PS3.

KingPin1898d ago

somewhere in the middle is the real story

did you try looking in the middle of the article perhaps....

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IIFloodyII1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

Didn't seem like there was any bad blood between them from Twitter when it was announced they'd be closed, so not all that surprising.
Good to see that Codemasters have picked them all up, should make a great partnership.

TwoForce1899d ago

I hope Codemaster treat these guys well. Because we need our Evo back to action.

gangsta_red1899d ago

What else could they say really? You don't want to burn bridges and you definitely don't want to seem unprofessional ranting on some social media about how mad you are.

IIFloodyII1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

True, but they were all pretty up beat about it, thanking fans and Sony for giving them the opportunity.That kinda tells me it wasn't a bad break up (this just confirms it), they were all looking forward to the future, though thinking about it, that's probably because they knew Codemasters were in talk to hire them.

I'm just happy they are still together and a next gen Motorstorm is still possible, just under a different name.

jb2271899d ago

You rarely ever see the devs themselves make comments that could burn bridges, but the specifics of the situation always make their way out & you can read between the lines as to how they must feel.

When MS closed Lionhead the devs themselves confirmed that they were only made aware as the public were. Here we have devs from Evo confirming that they already have new employment just a few weeks from the closure, which points to the idea that they had been aware of the closure well before the public. Looking at Lionhead, we still haven't gotten confirmation on where those guys will end up because these deals take time. Difference is Evo seems to have had a head start on theirs while Lionhead definitively didn't.

gangsta_red1899d ago


No, you just have more details of the situation from the devs of Evo. They were still caught off guard from the closure just like rookie proved in a past comment.

And i find it strange that you are continuing to compare who handled which closure better, MS or Sony.

Do we have confirmation if Sony hired any Lionhead devs from their recruitment day they PR posted not long ago when the news came out?

Should we be personally following each dev from any company that gets laid off and then make assumptions from that on when or if they knew the hammer was coming down?

What difference does it make?

Knushwood Butt1899d ago

I think they knew. At least, they knew DC development was coming to an end. Look at the names of the events in the final DLC, itself called Finish Line.

gangsta_red1899d ago

It's a racing game, it might have been the final DLC pack. I think it's called irony.

Evolution studios also was going to hold an event for DC at a later date before the shut down. You don't plan events for Driveclub if you know your studio is going to close.

Kribwalker1899d ago

Bungie said the same when they bought themselves out (with ms still owning some). Then they made halo reach then signed with the devil (activision) and gave the middle finger to Xbox players with 1 year timed content for PlayStation.....

rainslacker1899d ago (Edited 1899d ago )

Bitterness has a habit of showing itself even if someone is trying to be diplomatic in the situation.

To me, the quickness of the responses to the closure made it seem this was planned, and that the powers that be were prepared for it. This is further backed up with how quickly they were picked up by Codemasters, and the fact they seem to at least have a plan of action for going forward...likely a new game idea which Sony may be on board with according to the quote in this article.

It sounds like Evolution just kind of became a new studio under a different publisher, and this may have been known before we heard Sony was shutting the studio down.

That being said, I wouldn't use Rookie's comments as proof of anything when it comes to Sony.

If you want evidence, then look at the complete lack of hostility from any of the parties involved, and then the comment in this article which spells out some fairly big things if you know how the industry works(which I address in this comment and one above).

I'd rather take the devs word on this right now than Rookie's assumption.

Also, events take months to plan and implement. While Evo may not have known months ahead of time that they would not be working anymore for Sony, they likely knew at least a month or two before Evo picked them a month before they were shut down give or take. Publishers just don't pick up entire teams within three weeks with a plan of action going forward. Games take time to develop to a point where a publisher would be willing to sign on to them.

gangsta_red1898d ago


Rookie had actual links to twitter posts of devs holding events just days after their closure. Say what you want or feel what you like about Rookie but at least he provided proof unlike some who make up assumptions based on their own personal bias against a company.

And it still doesn't excuse the fact that some are trying to prove which company handled shutting down a studio better. MS and Sony both did and people lost jobs, end of story.

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Phil321899d ago

The news that the studio was picked up was amazing. I was hoping the talent wouldn't be split up, but I thought that was a pipe dream-- some idealistic fantasy!

Alexious1899d ago

Indeed, Codemasters really is a match made in heaven for Evo.

garrettbobbyferguson1898d ago

Other than Fuel and Overlord, what exactly has Codemasters made that would make them any sort of "match made in heaven"?

TwoForce1899d ago

I will say this again. Sony and Evolution Studio have a strong partnership from the beginning till this day. And i can't wait for them doing something amazing.

sadsatan1899d ago

time for the re-birth of motorstorm. mud physics and 60fps PLEASEEEEEEEEE

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