Jolt Preview: LEGO Universe

Jolt Writes:

Ah, LEGO. Cause of bruised feet, scraped knees, bloodied gums and parents' headaches. Oh, and millions of hours of entertainment and education for kids of all ages, let's not forget. While most of us have probably packed up our black bags of well-used blocks and chucked them on a landfill somewhere (LEGO is biodegradable, right?), the resurgence of the Danish construction toy as videogame entertainment has meant we can never really outrun our childhood. Well at least there's no finding an armless top half of Princess Leia down the back of the sofa.

Announced last year, but still largely in the conceptual stage, the MMOG promises to be a true LEGO for the digital age, allowing players to link up and, literally, build bridges across the world. Although it's been difficult to pin down anything more than the initial design elements (see the embedded movie), the general gist of gameplay seems to be individual character creation and development (presumably through unlockable customisation options and access to more advanced designs).

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