Playstation Home Is Where The Heart Is

Gaming Corner talk about something Sony love reminding us of in regards to the Playstation 3, potential. Home's potential is massive. We'll only really find out what Home will do when it is finally released but for the moment, we can speculate as to the wonders that might be in store.

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dabizo4419d ago

the possibilities are endless and I like his idea for the VirtualPet integration...that would be cool.
All I can say is I login to home everyday,especially fri and sat at the end of the night its a laugh. There is still alot of work to do but honestly Home is wicked!

UnSelf4419d ago

How did u gain access to it?

PoSTedUP4419d ago

yea man just wait till it fills up with millions of people, then it will be GREAT. but thats what is really missing (so i herd) and i cant wait for it. DELAY IT all you want! just make it perfect ya know. its gunna be soooo tight.


UnSelf4419d ago

This is true. just imagine

Right now only avid Sony fans makes of the majority of those who own ps3's. As of now i still only kno about 30+ ppl who own a ps3 when compared to the 200+ i kno wit 360's. The great thing about this is this was the same case wit the ps2 in the beginning of its life cycle. But once the ps3 returns to its predecessors throne imagine the kind of interactivity ppl would be engaging in once everyone owns a ps3 like they did the ps2.

Or in other words, imagine Home was released for the ps2 and ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL those ppl who wouldve been partaking in its use. Most gamers arent hardcore gamers but wit Home being a natural integral part of a Sony system, it wouldve made xbox live look like an Alaskan playground....EMPTY!!

I guess what im tryna say is, once Home is released and once the surge of ps3 system sells goes full force again, its almost inconceivable to imagine another system out there thats relevant in the smallest frame.

bunbun7774419d ago

But I think it's too little too late to be thinking that the majority of PS3 owners are "avid sony fans". While as I do not have 200+ friends to poll, the ones I do have all have 360's from over a year ago, but in 2008, people are buying the PS3 for the new games, the Blu-ray player, and the fact that, well as some friends start to get something, the lemmings start to march...

i think in 2009, with Home being applied, trophies becoming hopefully more stapled, and a few tasty exclusives, most gamers will realize that a PS3 is the way to play.

lento4419d ago

man those ideas he came up with would be so awesome... walking around the lobby with your eyepet.. live concerts... theres really unlimited potential for home.. and i can only imagine what they will integrate into it in a few years... but first things first.. i want to get it!

TheColbertinator4419d ago

They should make a home space for SEGA fans

blackbeld4419d ago

cmon get over it sega is not in competition now. but i was fan of sega back in those days. NOW next gen. PS3!!!!!!!!!!!! play much more beyond 360 IMAGINATION!!!!! hahahaha 360 is game over...

4419d ago
TheColbertinator4419d ago

Thanks guys.Glad to meet Sega fans.If Sega makes a seperate space that would be great.

Cajun Chicken4419d ago

I'd love to see a Jet Set Radio themed area in that awesome sounding currently fictional Sega specific Home area.

Pain4419d ago

wrong. Home is where the Clean Toilet is.

Oh we talking about THAT home lol yea :3 Home

Solid_Snake6664419d ago

splinter cell was cancelled? you didnt know?

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KiNg_TED_PRIZE4419d ago

sony gamers day area!! every month there should be free prizes for people who login in the most!! and leadersboards for socom and r2 and sony or 3rd party should be all in the gamer area!! it would be so cool to see your name in home everywhere in the [email protected] at once!!

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