7 Times Videogames Actually Led To A Person’s Death


"There have been some video games that have made trouble for people, but they usually just get left by their spouses or run out of money because they spent it all on games. That can be harmless in comparison to dying, but there are times when people have lost their lives playing games. You might not have heard of this stuff before, but it happens. Everyone one of these is a real situation you need to try to avoid."

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scottypops2238d ago

That's why you need to take breaks, stretch, eat something and use the restroom. If you can't figure out how to work that in, then you got a problem.

camel_toad2238d ago

Survival of the fittest at work, including mentally fit - as in the ability to acknowledge that you need to take a break.

popopdc2238d ago

The thing is, these people weren't just addicted. Like all addicts of any kind, they needed help. They were unhappy with their lives so much that they gave in to the addiction.

Chaos_Order2238d ago

To the person who wrote the article... PROOF READ YOUR ARTICLE! It is just embarrassing to read something so poorly written and with so many mistakes.

Double_O_Revan2238d ago

I can't remember how many stories I read years ago about people dropping dead in internet cafes that played WoW for so long.

The article talks about people dying for playing for almost a day, but I remember stories of people dying after playing for 40-50+ hours. Thats insane.

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