Europe experiments with Linger in Shadows next week

Siliconera reports: "Defined as an "interactive experience", Linger in Shadows isn't exactly a game. It sure is pretty to look at though. The looping video clip can be controlled and players get to alter time by tilting the Sixaxis controller. Once you find five sigils the story continues. A price for the project has not been announced, but now we know Linger in Shadows is scheduled to come out on August 28 in Europe. That's the same day the Last Guy makes a worldwide debut for $10 in North America and 2,000 yen ($18) in Japan."

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The_Firestarter3733d ago

August 28th? Seriously!?

Wow, I totally didn't see this coming so soon. This is another experience I'm anticipating. I wonder when it hits the U.S.

meepmoopmeep3733d ago

first, WTF is this thing?

tangerine3733d ago

Although I'm not happy with them selling this demo, this is a demo.
And by that I don't mean the demo we see every day (part of a full game), it's literally a demonstration of the coders and graphics and music artists' skills, and also the of the hardware they are using.
I remember the c64 scene, and after that, the amazing Amiga demo scene.
Different cracking 'groups' would release these amazing demo's for the Amiga all the time (free btw) to outdo each other and for bragging rights etc.
I hope this can possibly lead to more demo's coming out for the ps3, but paying for them may be a scene killer, I'm not sure.
You can check more of the 'scene' out on this link.

meepmoopmeep3733d ago (Edited 3733d ago )

oh, right on!
for the info + bubbles

sounds interesting but i doubt i would pay for something like this

Saint Sony3733d ago

It is not as big anymore but surely rolling on.

arakouftaian3733d ago

n we will have a chance to see what Linger in Shadows is all about...

Dark General3733d ago

I want this and want it now. It seems abstract and a good relaxer like game.

micro_invader3733d ago

Does anyone know how long this game will be? I know that info on this game has been scarce, but does anyone have any idea?

Laexerias3733d ago

Its an interactive Demo, you can stop it and search the area for so called "seals" something like that.. its one movie, i dont now how long its going to be, but u can change the length with every seal u find, or something like that.